Re-sampling / sampling internally


I wondered if I am able to sample the pattern I am working on or resample it?
For example I would sample the drum track pattern as a new sample
I could then sample another track pattern on solo and save as a new sample

So basically the sampling function would record as a “what you hear” mode when play is pressed

I ask as this is a technique I have used on other gear, so the WAV can then be dropped into a DAW for mixing
It then avoids any hiss or ground noise by not having to record a track through a mixer



Resampling patterns would be great. Then you could play it back as a loop through one channel, and if you wanted, chop the resampled pattern.

It’s not being able to press play while in sample mode that stops it I think

hey brad just hope that in future firmware updates we will be able to resample and sample while the sequencer is playing back what we have sequenced already .
EXAMPLE have my drum tracks playing as I’m searching threw records to sample ( that match the drums) sampling while listening to what you already have thanks brad for all that you do sir and the team slate this aint just a machine this is a family!!!

did the world change? i am sure it was said long ago internal sampling is a given and not only that but we can choose to use the hardware filters or not, do you guys have the machine yet? i assumed it was already functional with v1

Unless i am missing something I don’t think it is a feature as yet


@StupidAmericanPig can we resample internally yet buddy?

i dont know, waiting for mine, do you have yours?

I have not seen any option to resample a pattern. My assumption is that its not there yet. However Ive been wrong on here many times before…

I suppose you could run a jumper from one of the outs to the inputs whilst in loop mode as long as you are able to mute the input monitor, but Ive yet to try this.

When in sample mode the play button is not active - direct input only

It sounds like, for now, you’d have to record it into something else, such as a DAW, another sampler, cassette tape, whatever, and then resample back into the S2400

In looper mode you should be able to to play and sample- I just dont know if there is a way to do it without feedback(e.g. muting input monitoring) I may try that out now…

Ok- I ran a jumper from Out 2 into Input 2, set input monitoring to 1+2 and monitor out to 3+4(thus avoiding feedback) and was able to successfully record the output of a pattern into pad D1. Since this was the first time I tried the looper mode Im still not quite sure what Im doing, but at minimum it is possible to record the output of the S2400 into the looper this way.

meh, well sampling internally should not need a cable out and in, it is done via internal routing of the signal, even seen the video where brad said you would be able to do it while using the analogue filters because they can be tapped internally

it must be coming later

Hopefully someone in the know will chime in and tell me Im doing it wrong :smiley: if not Im working on the assumption its in progress.

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I seem to remember Brad saying you would be able to resample individual samples through the analog in, but it seemed more like a menu option/process than a full scale resampling function for recording what you’re playing live.

@Brad_Holland sorry to bother sir good afternoon can you or @Flux302 (GOOD AFTERNOON BROTHER) give us a bit of insight on this thanks guys u fucjjj rock typo on purpose .LOL

Resampling will come. It’s not a 1.0 option (obviously). But yes it’s already been confirmed since long ago.


Is this still not implemented?

It’s being developed now.


I hope this includes in loop/slice mode, re-sample option with filter envelope/pitch/level etc…