Operate Transport Controls and Pads While Sampling

Is there any way to operate the transport controls (play, stop) and/or pads while sampling?

I like to have my beat/pattern playing while I record myself playing an instrument. I take that sample and chop it up to use within the pattern. Without being able to play the pattern while sampling, this is much more difficult.

Being able to sample while using the pads would allow users to resample as well which I’ve seen in the requests section.

You can’t have the pattern playing when in sample mode but you can use the live looper bank to record instruments when the pattern is playing. Only in mono though. The live loops can then be saved as a sample and you can save it to a regular sample track.

Can I ask if you know about the same question except with a MIDI instrument? I ran into a similar scenario where I wanted to sample my Access Virus and I was playing it from the S2400 pads, but when I went into sampler mode, the pads became inactive.

I’m pretty sure you can only sample in sample mode.

What you could do is this:

  1. Record your synth midi into a pattern so it plays back.
  2. Solo the midi track
  3. Make sure you have the inputs set up and input monitoring on so you hear the synth being played back through the S2400.
  4. Use the bounce pattern feature