Enable midi thru when sampling

I have all my synth modules midi slaved to the S2400 with a Keystep 37 controlling them all via host USB port. I use button A (midi input focus) to switch between them and it works great for recording midi.

But whenever I want to sample them, I enter sample mode and can no longer play any notes!

Is this by design or have I missed something?

I’d love to be able to do this without re-routing midi cables every time.

With the new looper functionality, is that still an issue? You can record a quite long stereo ‘loop’ and have it sent to a sample track after it is finish recording. All midi keeps active, afaik.

I’ve never used the looper :blush: Guess I’ll need to read up the manual then. Seems like overkill for what I’m trying to do though.

I literally have zero interest in the looper and just want to do something that should take seconds but now have to get my head in the manual. Easier to pull the midi cables tbh

I think that the workflow of sampling into the looper is easier than you think. To me it is simpler than sampling something, saving, adding to pad.

But it needs some setting up. That you can save into a default project, so it is there always.

As a workaround you can use the MIDI Thru port when in sample mode. Would be great if a MIDI soft thru to the out port would kick in for Sample Mode, though.

I’d also love to use the MIDI transport in Sample Mode. I’m sure there was some technical reason to disable the device transport and not play the S4000 itself, but I’d love if at least the MIDI transport worked so the S2400 can be the master clock both in and out of Sample Mode

Hmm I tried midi thru and got no joy

I’ll read the manual and get up to speed with it. Going in blind it wasn’t intuitive to me.

The workaround assumes you’re using an external MIDI controller. Instead of using the S2400’s MIDI Control Channel and setting “MIDI Focus”, you have to transmit directly on the intended device’s channel to the S2400’s input, which will get routed to the S2400’s MIDI Thru port

Crap I forgot to switch the cable from midi out to midi thru - that’s the workaround I needed thanks

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I am just looking for this feature now, I swear my midi keyboard used to work during sample mode, but does not now.

The looper is the real solution to any problems related to midi inputs/playback and sampling. It is just sampling by another name.

But I guess if you wanted to play in ‘free time parts’ via midi and sample at the same time, and thru gives that option via the ‘sample’ sampling screen then…ok.

But why not record midi parts in with the transport running and then play them back and sample in via the looper ‘sampling’ page? Also, the looper ‘sampling’ option allows mixing and matching of any external audio including audio coming out of the S2400 which could be run through efx, combined with midi triggered audio and sampled back in or whatever you like! Any combination I can think of is possible via looper sampling. Main thing is - sampling with the transport running is provided.


Sounds like I’m missing a trick. I’m gonna start using it for sure :+1:t2:

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Nice productions by the way, that early ‘floaty’ d n b vibe was an inspiration for me as well and the early minimal hard stuff - grooverider, Dillinja, Ed rush…

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Thanks! Yes - love those artists, I’m inspired by how well produced a lot of early d&b / jungle is, when those guys didn’t have the benefit of 30 years worth of knowledge sharing, YouTube tutorials etc.