Sequencing patterns in live performance

Hi all…

I’m wondering how you all are approaching using your s2400 in the live context…
My hope is to be able to create patterns and then assign those patterns to a pad so that I can switch through my patterns by triggering each pad… Instead of having to input a pattern number everytine I want to switch… Which isn’t very suitable for performing.

Anyone else wanting to do this?

Hi, too many hurdles I suppose.

You’d probably need a kind of feature like bounce pattern in sync and when it finishes the sequencer keeps on looping. Without any hiccup or pause.

As we can’t loop stuff that is more than 2MB, one solution might be to record events at the beginning of the first beat of the first bar for tracks dedicated to bounced patterns, and then after assigning bounced patterns, unmuting them or soloing them.

Thanks for getting back… I understand the first half but the term bounced patterns is throwing me as this term isn’t used in the machine.

Do you mean recording these patterns as loops and then importing them and triggering them in tr mode?

Sorry I don’t use tr mode so I can’t comment on this.

There are 3 types of “bounce” in the machine. Bounce sample, bounce pattern and bounce song. Bounce pattern is in the File menu.

As we can’t loop big samples, one of a solution might be to bounce patterns and reuse them. But as you can guess it’s not perfect and brings other issues.

Thank you! … I did not see there was a new FW update… Will try that!

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