Beat repeat for whole pattern

I was messing with a performance of a pattern I built up and was making a lot of fun use of beat repeat on certain drums and the sample I chopped. I feel it would be fun for performers to have a beat repeat of the whole pattern and not just individual channels in some cases. Especially for electronic music performance.


I realize I have been throwing a bunch of stuff on here and I don’t want to give the impression that this machine is less than stellar. Just using it I can see some options that I wish it has. Hope taken well by the dev team - keep up good work!


What do you mean beat repeat of the whole pattern? Can you elaborate?

Instead of beat repeating just one sound (pad) at a time when holding beat repeat and pressing a pad it would make the triggers of the pattern which play at the time the button is pressed to repeat all together. Would be a performance tool and not a composition tool. Not sure it is a high priority add if other people don’t see the use. Just a thought.

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Feature requests are great. Keep em coming. :slight_smile:


I had the same thought, I think. Either being able to trigger track patterns per pad on the fly to remix live (ala RPS), or a list of preset grooves per pad for the note repeat pattern instead of straight 1/8ths, etc.

I love this idea. The more I see the S2400 paired with Modbap’s Per4mer, which has a beat repeat function, the more I want a Per4mer lol - but I definitely think this would be a useful performance feature.

Agreed it’s very applicable in electronic music, but I know people will find insanely creative uses for it on top of the classic glitchy pattern hop / stutter effect.

Cant find anything on YouTube, where have you seen this combo? I’m really curious.

Are you on Instagram? If so check the hashtags for S2400 and per4mer and you should see a handful on the discover page. Other than that, I know @Flux302 is a wizard with the two, I believe he has some IG videos of the two in action… @skibeatz same deal. I’d even check the Modbap IG page (they make the Per4mer). Anyway IG is where I’ve seen the combo, and it is sweet.

I’m honestly about to pull the trigger on one, they just look too fun, but it’ll be my first module so trying to figure out casing, power supply, etc. I wanna dive into the incredibly deep world of modular/eurorack gear, but def want to get the Per4mer so need to figure out a good starting point for that.


Just found this new on YouTube!

(#S2400 X #Per4mer Quick Jam - YouTube) - this is Corry Banks, Modbap Modular is his company and he designed the Per4mer.

Thanks for sharing @juniorg