Beat repeat for whole pattern

I was messing with a performance of a pattern I built up and was making a lot of fun use of beat repeat on certain drums and the sample I chopped. I feel it would be fun for performers to have a beat repeat of the whole pattern and not just individual channels in some cases. Especially for electronic music performance.


I realize I have been throwing a bunch of stuff on here and I don’t want to give the impression that this machine is less than stellar. Just using it I can see some options that I wish it has. Hope taken well by the dev team - keep up good work!

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What do you mean beat repeat of the whole pattern? Can you elaborate?

Instead of beat repeating just one sound (pad) at a time when holding beat repeat and pressing a pad it would make the triggers of the pattern which play at the time the button is pressed to repeat all together. Would be a performance tool and not a composition tool. Not sure it is a high priority add if other people don’t see the use. Just a thought.

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Feature requests are great. Keep em coming. :slight_smile:

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I had the same thought, I think. Either being able to trigger track patterns per pad on the fly to remix live (ala RPS), or a list of preset grooves per pad for the note repeat pattern instead of straight 1/8ths, etc.