Song Preview

So I’m making a ton of projects on the S2400. Sometimes challenging to remember what the track sounded like. The projects load up quick though which is great. How about a song preview that would play a few seconds of a pattern. That would be very helpful.

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I like this idea for sure. Was also hoping to see the pattern length/scroll bar to know when each pattern ends in the song mode screen. Would really help on playback when doing live mutes/solos to know where you’re at in each pattern/ just in general.

I agree, it’s tough to remember exactly what each pattern sounds like, but also “looks” like - when dealing with 10+ patterns of different lengths and in some cases different tempos

I don’t think we can do this. The project has to be loaded and the kit’s sounds assigned in order to play the patterns.

What if the project preview was saved as a wav file for about 5 tseconds. And when the project is selected the wav file would play. That way the entire project would not need to load.

Yes, that would work, once we have a save pattern as wav function.