Saving songs apart from projects

Hey there, got my S2400 earlier this week and am thrilled. Thanks so much for the amazing product. Excited to follow the developments of the machine.

One feature I thought would be handy would be the ability to save songs and projects separately. So when I turn on the S2400 I have the ability to automatically open up a song or a project. I found a couple of folks mentioning they’d like to have a similar feature so that for instance a live set could flow seamlessly via songs that are accessing projects rather than projects containing songs.

Thanks again, if I’ve overlooked anything I’d love if you all could point me in the right direction.

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I had a similar thought earlier this week when working in song mode. I was wishing I had the ability to pull from a couple of different projects for a transition between two different songs for that very reason. Or a more streamlined way to save Project 1 to bank A Project 2 to bank B etc and then save as a new project for a song.

There are other things currently being worked on currently which are time consuming but maybe down the line this aspect of the work flow could be revisited as I know there are quite a few of us into house/techno remixing etc.

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