Copy Pattern/Song between projects

If you are like me and usually save your songs as projects a frustrating thing can be later trying to build a live set with various songs in one project to allow for a seamless live set with the s2400 as the brain.

Suggesting a feature that allows you to copy a pattern or even a song (chain of patterns) between projects.

One way to implement this would be via the copy functionality currently implemented in patterns. Maybe could add one more field in the copy menu to have: copy from/to/number of copies and also a fourth field that lets you select to which project. The default should be to the existing project and if you selector click on that field it would take you to file browser to pick a different project and then by default set you to copy to the first empty slot (but you could pick any pattern slot you want). Could use similar functionality for Song but pressing copy while in song mode once that is implemented.


Definitely think this idea has killer feature potential. Cant count how often I think about swapping drum patterns between songs to find a pocket/groove that just works. If Im being honest with myself, there are probably only about 20 unique drum patterns I use for most songs, would be great to just pull those patterns up with the existing sounds and audition. As long as you have a structure or standard β€œkit” format to your projects (all drums on A1-A8 with kick A1, Snare A2, etc) then this would be a super useful feature. Seconded!


3rd it !! its a must

That is a separate feature. Please make one feature request post per feature. It is impossible to keep track of them otherwise. Thanks.

ok apologies, will do that

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