Copy individual tracks between Patterns and Songs

The ability to move or copy an individual track to other patterns and songs would be useful. I often want to merge a couple of patterns together after jamming some ideas. Ideally with the option to copy just the notes from a track so it could play a different sample on another pattern or with the original sample attached


Yes indeed. I was going to post a feature request for this.

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I agree that this would help the workflow. In the meantime, a fairly simple work-around is to make a pattern copy, then delete the undesired tracks while leaving the ones you wish to remain. :+1:t3:


Was about to post this feature request - programmed a killer beat in one pattern of the track I’m working on, want to replace the existing beat in all other patterns with this new one…



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+1 on this please - for example I can’t find a workaround to copy a sequence from track A1 to A2.

It would be helpful to have the option to copy the entire track sequence (position, pitch, filter, env, sample start AND sample) or just the sequence data without the sample.

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Just came here looking for how to… exactly the same scenerio.

does anyone have a workaround for this? (copying track including sequence)

Not really a work around, but what I’m currently doing. Say drums are the complex note events in a pattern and samples are easy events. So I copy the pattern with new drums midi events to a new pattern. I delete anything I didn’t want. Then I rerecord midi for the samples.

Where this doesn’t work…
I have 10 patterns, and someone asks for a single drum track to change… I then need to rerecord the midi across multiple tracks. How I’ve dealt with this, most recently, I tap the new patter 1 for one track. Then read the step program, so I know what I wrote, and proceed to step edit that new pattern over the old track.

Copy single midi track would be HUGE!


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@Mickey the new Copy+Pad > Pad is helpful thanks, but it doesn’t copy the sequence with it (unless I’m missing something). Are we able to get a tweak on this please, or another way to do it? :slight_smile:

We would really like a way to copy sequenced notes including any tweaked parameters from one pad to another pad. This enables two different tracks/samples to play with the exact same pitch/env etc. When you’ve programmed something quite intricate it’s impossible to duplicate it on another track.

As I have said in multiple threads, copy/paste of pattern events is coming soon.


thanks hadn’t spotted that, i got over excited when i saw the copy pad !

Like NI Maschine it could be an menuless workflow:
-Hold COPY and select track
-track starts flashing (copied or cut option by nummerical keys)
-While still holding COPY, paste it to the desired track (overwrites anything)
-option for ALL PATTERNS