Duplicate Track should copy events

Hi guys, under Organise Tracks, Duplicating track (F2) only copies the sound and doesn’t fix in the pattern regardless of F1 being on or off.

I witnessed this problem once too. But I could not reproduce it later.

Do you remember the steps to reproduce this situation?

Hey Syah,

Shift > Pad > Actions > Organise Tracks

With F1 selected or unselected as both have the same outcome:

F2: Duplicate Track

Track duplicates onto following pad. The sound and editing options such as pitch & level all copy but not the pattern programming.

Best, Jim

Seems to be “in progress”.

I remember pointing that weird behavior in the past as well. It may be specification rather than a bug though.

The workaround is copy events with step pattern mode :slight_smile:

Thnx Tnkz!

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Not duplicating the pattern data for the duplicated track is by design. The consensus is that duplicating all the events in every pattern is typically not expected. And, if that is desired, it can be accomplished in Step Program mode.

I have changed this post from bug report feature request. However, we have no immediate plans to implement it.

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Hey Mickey, thanks for your response :v:
Using the copy button, achieves the same result as duplicating the track, thereabouts?

It feels like there needs the option of duplicating it’s events too?

Going into step program, highlighting & copying, takes longer than I’d expect for a simple task.

To give you an example of why this feature is essential: After programming a quick drum loop, I then want to find the best possible sounds for the loop. I’ll go through samples to find 8 killer kicks & assign to pads, letting each one play the pattern, to find the most suited sample. I repeat this for snares, claps, hats, bass, lead, fx and all others tracks. So you can imagine how long this will take via step program.

What’s the process of you guys considering this, do you need a few people to agree it’s needed?



Yeah I think an option or a separate line like “duplicate+events” or whatever works best is needed.

The contrary seems easier to do. If you don’t want the events it’s easy to delete the track events.


Agreed. Copying events in Step Program mode is a process that doesn’t feel great at all

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