Copy pad+events workflow

The new event grid editing is such a great update! In terms of copying data, I suggest to improve the workflow by copy a pad including event data by the shortcut copy+pad and erasing, if necessary, the events after by the shortcut erease+pad, is much faster than the task via grid.
What other users suggest?
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I actually thought this was in the latest update til I tried it last night haha. Such a sensical button combo/ action. To add to this, when not in step seq, it would be great if COPY+PAD copied the track with the sound and all settings, so you can paste the same sound with all settings to another track. Unless I’m missing something and it can already do this?

I haven’t tried it yet but what about copy+pad in organize tracks with F1 activated?

Sorry, just checked and F1 is “fix up” and not copy. And it seems that F1 doesn’t work with copy+pad in Organize tracks, only with duplicate.

Yes checked it too it doesent work.

Its essential! So you easy compose little variation with ease, reorder tracks etc. I’ve done this with NI Maschine all night. Pleasy implement :pray:

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Yes please - want this feature to copy all settings (inc slice/loop points) from one pad to another

It does. Since the Dec 24 update.

This was a huge step forward with this update. But it does not copy the events. I often sketch my ideas over several banks and then wanna place the main samples to one bank to play live and record this session to DAW without switching banks. So I suggest these options to discuss:

Shortcut Copy+Pad copy everthing to an empty pad or overwrites all data on the target pad.

a) Shortcut Erase+Pad (1 tap) erases events (status quo)
b) Shortcut Erase+Pad (2 short taps) erases events+data (slice points, pitch, vel. etc.)
c) Shortcut Erase+Pad (3 short taps) erases sample+everything (no menudiving)

I think that is a very fast workflow to remove data after copy rather than think about what data to copy.