Shortcut to copy track

Seen on Facebook so sorry for creating the topic by myself but as it is a good idea.

Shortcut example:
1 Maintain copy button
2 Press source pad then release
3 Press target pad then release
4 Release copy button
→ track copied to target pad

step 2.5 press the bank button if needed




I’m missing that to!

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im used to this workflow because of the mpc live and i think it would be another great improvement to the current workflow.



I’ve just been scratching my head trying to figure out how to do this in the manual. Guess you can’t copy a track/pad at all then?

In fact, this feature has been added. There is an explanation about copy+pad in the manual.

The thing is that pad/track and events for this same track are separated.
So if you want the same events for the new track you still need to copy them.
Using separate functions in Copy mode, step pattern or organize tracks for example.


I’ve tried this a bunch of times including right now, and doesn’t seem to work for me.

OK and now it does, wtf? lol… Same exact button press combo on the same pads as every time I’ve tried it, suddenly it works, only difference is I have been into and out of step program in between. Alrighty then

Yeah, no I was in the main screen every time I tried it, I’m just saying in between it not working repeatedly and then suddenly working, the only change was that I went into step program, and back out.

Weird then. Works every time here.

Yup odd, just turned the machine off and back on, still works, so no idea why it didn’t earlier. Weirdly now it said that the outputs used in the song I just had loaded were changed since the version it was made on or something? Ok then

At least the feature exists and now does work haha, bonus :+1:

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If you can reproduce a bug or a weird behavior, do not hesitate to create a step by step in the bug reports section :slight_smile:

Yeah, if it happens again, I’ll try to figure out why :+1:


Works well for me. Would be cool if the same method would work for a step in both normal and midi tracks.


Apart from the awkward manoeuvre you almost need 3 hands to accomplish, I agree lol

Why would you ‘need 3 hands’?

  • Press and hold copy button with left arm
  • Press source pad with right arm
  • Press destination pad with right arm
  • Release copy button

I don’t see where I should use my third leg.

Not for copying the pad to another pad, that’s fine.

For manoeuvring the same action in step edit as Leighty suggested above, it would be those 4 steps plus moving the data encoder about. 5 steps to copy a step, all whilst holding the copy button… is kinda ridiculous tbh… And yet I’m STILL down for the added ability to do so though, since I’d say it’s still simpler than currently lol. If the copy and erase buttons weren’t randomly at the top, 4 buttons apart, and instead down with the rest of the editing buttons, would make this stuff a lot easier.

Also just poking some fun dude, relax. :+1:

You clearly missed my poking… how’s your 3rd leg doing today?