Basic copy track (overwrite) submenu in Organize tracks menu

Reworking the move/copy track menu and changing it to the Organize Tracks menu has visually made it user friendly but I think it is still complex when one wants to perform basic operation. Sometimes it is a bit weird to have to duplicate and move everything backward or forward.

So for example, if I want to copy pad A7 to empty pad A2 it seems that I have to do Duplicate on pad A7 that goes to pad A8 and then I have to shift it up.

For example, if there was a submenu like copy track from pad X to pad X that would overwrite the empty pad it would be a bit more user friendly. For example a submenu that pops up when pressing a Fkey or the Copy button. It could be handy when copying something from bank A to bank D as well for example.

The previous function are in the tutorial below for those who don’t know:

Thinking about this again sorry.
For a direct “copy track (overwrite+fix pattern)” function a shortcut may be better than a submenu.

For example, if a shortcut could be implemented and the explanation about it added at the bottom of the help menu I m sure it could be useful to a lot of people.