Duplicate Track should copy events

Could it be like
COPY+PAD = Like it is now
COPY+2xPAD = plus events/complete track


I meant just a checkmark box in the global settings to enable one or the other

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Got that, but then you would have to do 2 steps for what you can do in one now.
That’s why i suggested
COPY+PAD = Like it is now
COPY+2xPAD = plus events/complete track

then for either function it’s always a quick one step solution

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The original post was referring to Duplicate Track, a specific function accessed via Organize Tracks. Not necessarily the same thing as Copy Pad.


wait, so there’s a specific option to duplicate track while ignoring events, in addition to COPY+PAD which does the same thing ??

At least one of those workflows should copy events IMO

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Just to clarify, is everyone asking for the events to be duplicated in all patterns?
If so, I’d be interested to hear the use case for that. I recall doing that once or twice for a single pattern, and copy/paste handled it fine.

Hey Mickey, hope well.
Confirmed, I would want this.

If I build a bunch of patterns, I may find I want to swap out a sound for a better one. But I want to be able to compare both sounds against each other first.

So, I need to keep the original sound as is. And I then need an exact duplicate, including pattern data, to achieve this.

This is something I would use regularly, rather than a one off.


Auditioning different sounds in patterns is a very common use case. That’s why it is built into the assign sound function. The highlighted sound is played instead of the one currently assigned to the track.
Your method makes sense, but seems a bit over complicated.

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I didn’t know the assign sound function, cheers.

But one alternative sound is not enough. I need a few that do the same thing.

Thorough; yes. Complicated; no.

It would be so quick if COPY + PAD would copy the complete track with samples and events (or only events on midi tracks), as this is the function i guess most people need in most cases, because they want to layer a sound. Like add a transient to a dull kick. Double a synth and pan left/right. Compose a bass sound from a sub and a overtone rich part. etc etc etc.

This to me would be one of the top reasons to integrate events with copy+pad. This is not a knock on the step sequencer as it’s nice and powerful, but from a UX perspective I think this would be such a major improvement. Other samplers I’ve used implement such a design and makes any workflow faster and more pleasurable to work with (a bit subjective I know, but the above example workflow is pretty common as far as I know). I strongly believe in eliminating menu diving/tweaking as much as possible and it seems like low-hanging fruit to achieve (although I can appreciate if this sort of change is non-trivial).


I get that selecting the pattern events first is an extra step that you do not want to have to do. Just mentioning this in case other readers of this thread are not aware. In Step Program, Copy+Pad,Pad does what you are asking for the selected events.

Yes, but you have to enter step mode, then select events which is possible but a little bid unnecessary fiddly for a simple task like COPY THE WHOLE TRACK

i don’t want to be the nagnagnag (is this correct english?) but as suggested: COPY+2xPAD (if technically possible) to include all events = copy the complete track would be such a fast and easy solution (While COP+PAD could leave the function as is = COPY WITHOUT EVENTS as many users need this for the looper etc.). (and again sorry, i know if i’m convinced of something i can be a real pita)

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My 2¢ suggestion nobody asked for:

Copy+pad in step edit only copies sequencer events (since you’re primarily working on sequencer events in this mode)

Copy+pad in track mode (not sure what to call it when you’re not in any submenu, just all the way zoomed out) copies the entirety of a track (because you’re working with everything relating to tracks in this mode)

but as tnkz76 wrote, some use COPY+PAD in looper mode to copy track settings without events and want to keep it like that.

Hence the idea to introduce COPY+2xPAD to include the events.

Copy+padx2 is clunky and easy to not get right by the user. as far as I’m aware there is no precedent for this anywhere else in the UI so it’s not intuitive in relation to that.

Copying could generally be more contextual since everyone has different needs. From pattern mode it could copy everything, from settings mode it could copy track settings, from step program mode it could copy sequencer events


i think i would prefer, that only in seq edit, events are being copied, when copy/paste. otherwise, copy/paste could work as usual.

this makes sense, very good :+1:

I need this because I stack sounds a lot. A kick is 3 sounds, click, body and sub. I only need the events copied per pad though. Love the idea of the double press copy to include events.

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