Duplicate track

I have a sample in a track playing a pattern. How do I make an exact copy of that track within the same pattern? For example so I can put it on another channel, filter it and use it for a bass part? I see how to duplicate in the organize tracks screen but that doesn’t copy the midi data. Am I missing something basic?


You’re right, it’s currently missing that functionality. It’s something that’s in the Feature Request list already so hopefully will appear in the future. For now, you’ll have to recreate the sequencer data manually.


only way for now is copy pattern then do a quick erase+pad on all unwanted data in the new pattern, at least that is all i do, unsure of a better more efficient way at the minute

Maybe the forthcoming bounce feature will incorporate a bounce midi notes?

@jonesy101 What we call “Bounce” means bounce a pattern to a sample. So, MIDI notes will not be included.

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Bars within a Track within a Pattern would be nice too (like on my mpc60).

Track1 (or any other Track), Copy Bars1-4 > Track2, Paste BarStart5.