Song Mode - option for "Continue Playing and Jump-To Current Pattern" on exit

Hey All - its been a little while, but my goodness what a machine to come back to after a breif creative and social media break. This team continues to deliver - I dunno if under-promise/over-deliver is even a good phrase for it cuz at this point it’s like “let’s just f’in deliver shit we didn’t even promise anyone”.

I digress - this machine is infinitely more powerful than it was a year ago when I first laid hands on it…as is Song Mode (the 1st iteration of Song Mode is the one I’m most familiar with until this weekend, so bare with me).

It would be REALLY nice if when exiting song mode there was an option to continue playing the current pattern - either on a global or per-song basis - and jumping right to that pattern when exiting.

Reason - once a song is set, it’s fun (and sometimes necessary) to “jam” them. As in, play the song how you have it, jump out of it to have more hands on control of which pattern to play etc, and then ideally jump back into song mode where you left off but I realize that would likely be a bit more to implement.

Just the ability to “continue playing current pattern” and “jump to it” would be HUGE. That way, you could play the parts of the song that will most often stay the same (intros, etc) and at any point throughout you can exit and just jam your patterns manually w/out audio interuption.

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