Respect mutes in song mode

When playing back a song, is it possible for the mute events in the song to over ride whatever the current mute state is in pattern mode?

My current workflow is like this:

create pattern 1
mute/unmute some tracks
append to song
mute/unmute some tracks
append to song…
…rinse & repeat until song finished
enter song mode and hit play, oh wait that isn’t right
leave song mode
unmute ALL tracks
enter song mode, now there’s my song!

I’m forced to unmute everything when I’m ready to audition the song which seems counter-intuitive when the song already contains the mute events.

The ability to override the mute/solo events in a song is a feature. It was asked for by several users, and is useful for performance, so we will probably keep it.

Remember, to quickly unmute everything, press shift+any mute button.

Oh man, really? Was not expecting that.

I might be in the minority then, but that’s a shame. The way I see it, I already instructed the program what to mute/unmute in song mode. Why would I need it to observe last mute states in pattern mode? I feel Song mode has been compromised there, in favour of performance. Just my 2 cents.

Thanks for the shortcut advice, that will be my workaround then.

edit: what about an option to disable that feature?

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