Capture mute/solo states during playback

One of my favorite things about the SP is “playing” the mute and solo buttons during playback to add variation to patterns. These are not always easy to recreate by programming. Do you think it would be possible to add a feature that allows you to “record” these mute/solo states live?

This would be such a huge bonus for quickly creating pattern variations!


I would definitely use this a lot if it was added

I’m for this one!

would be great !

it can be achieved in song mode but its programming rather than playing and just never as organic as we know

if we had sample to pad and they implemented mutes into the rules, you could record as muted/soloed audio to the pad - not the same as data i know but

@rozz3r it could do with moving to feature requests?

didn’t us long term users have the ability to make changes to threads before or was that just titles? i see no options, maybe my trust level has been removed for some reason eh :rofl: