Can you Record in Song Mode

Stupid question im sure. But can you record song mode. I know you can record into the s2400. But can you record finished tracks back onto the SD card?

Nobody? Maybe ill have to wait for Brad to step in. Hopefully its a feature.

well we can sample the master so yes, i expect is the answer, why not

or do you mean song mode as in pattern switching etc all as one inbuilt file?

also, not many answers as yet as FW v1 is just being finalised and readied, once that ships we will see the questions and answers start picking up tempo i think/hope

Yes both really. I need a Manual lol. Like you say its all a bit of guessing atm. Cheers for the reply :slight_smile:


soon my friend, soon we will know :+1:

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Song mode is still just a single pattern playing only in a sequence so Iā€™d assume so? Interesting question.

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as of 1.0 no.
1.0 you will track out just like classic drum machine.


thanks for the conf:

thanks ken my man