What's this all about?

We hope, that as the community starts to grow, that this area will be used by our users to share ‘kits’ created on their machines and/or projects showcasing each others talents.
Exciting Stuff!


I was about to request some samples from 1200 floppies…

I plan to share some lightly processed Breaks.
Sliced as Kick pad 1 snare pad 2 kick pad 3 etc…to the pad 8 if the break is long enough.
Most likely softly compressed 2-3 db on a 1176 and eq’d on my old console then to the S2400.
I`d like to say I’ll sample them hot on the way in but I dont know what it sound like yet.
Any demo on how a Kick sampled kissing the red or all out squashed in the machine sound like ?


Hi Brad.
I finally managed to cop me a S2400. Not directly from you but from someone here in the UK. I updated the firmware with no issues and am slowly getting to grips with it. I’ve had the MPC2000 from day 1 and had an SP12 Turbo back in the day so Its quite easy to get to grips with so far.

Sorry for the rambling but my question is "Does the unit come with any stock drum sounds? Mine seems to be empty. If it does come with stock sounds, is there anyway I can download them?

Thanx and great job on this beast 🤌🏼👍🏼

Have you looked at internal? That is where everything is located. And when you turn it on without an SD card it should load a bank of drums.

Have you watched the beginning tutorial?

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Booting up without the SD card did the trick. Thanks :+1:t3::+1:t3:

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