2 new Kits I made for the S2400


I just got my s2400 and will be making a ton of kits that I created over the years in various machines like the MPC 60, MPC 4000, SP1200, Roland MV-8800 and Ensonique ASR-X. I always filled up the Banks leaving no empty pads but for the S2400 I will keep my kits to 16 Pads. Please let me know if there is an issue downloading from Google Drive. God Bless!


are these new kits just for the s2400? cause i got a mpc live also and i want to buy your kits for it

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I have tons of kits in MPC format but will be turning those into MPC Expansions with Samples that include FX, Melodies and Keygroups from my Favorite Hardware and Software sounds. I am putting Kits on here to give people new kits to work with because they took a leap in faith and invested their money in ISLA and waited up to a year to receive this unit not knowing if it would even come to fruition.


once again thank you.

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Thanks much for your posts and sharing! Cheers :trophy:

thanks ill check em