Mpc One + S2400

I posted this in the GS thread… just re-posting it here to maybe get diff, alternative or more insight.

Anyone using an Mpc One (or Live, Live2, etc.) with the S2400?

Kinda wanting an Mpc One to make up for the S2400’s shortcomings in its’ midi-sequencer (specifically, no real-time midi recording and automation of external synth’s pitch-bend, mod wheel, CCs, etc., via midi-kydb-controller). I’ve been using a classic mpc for +10 years; so I already know the Mpc workflow.

Has anyone tried teaming up the two? (Mpc One as main-seq and S2400 either slaved or synced)

Asking, because wondering if anyone’s found any extra cool tricks that may be possible with that combo. Like… I’m aware that the newest FW of the Mpc, you could attach a usb-interface or usb-mixer (eg: Tascam Model series) to it to expand it to have much more outputs (and even record back into the Mpc; like external synths audio, etc).
But, Tubedigga informed me that the S2400 isn’t compatible as a usb-interface for the Mpc One, because Mpc One sample-rate is 44khz and S2400 is 48khz, correct?

Would something like that be possible if connecting the S2400 to the One (if their sample-rates was compatible)? …use the S2400 as a usb-interface to the Mpc One (for more outputs and also more bounce features), while having all the functionality still present/usable on the S2400… or, even have the S2400 directly bounce audio into the Mpc like a new Tascam Model mixer?

Also, wondering about mapping the Mpc pads and Q-link knobs to the S2400 (via standard/din midi). I assume this is a pretty straightforward and easy affair?
Would love to hear what params on the S2400 are possible to map to the Q-link knobs, to control/automate/record, for some ideas in general.

Had an MPC ONE for a while that I used with my 2400. I found it pretty good to work with, and it did fill some gaps in function that the 2400 had at the time. Since though Ive sold the One because I personally find the combo of SP-16 and S2400 to be best for my particular brain. Ive had just about every MPC made(except the 400) and while I like them, they dont get a lot of use out of me. Not saying that to say anything about the MPCs, more to provide context as to why I like what I like.(less deep, more immediate)

That said, MPC One was a good clean sound sampler- especially when you use the factory content which is definitely more modern sounding.



Thanks for the input.

I mostly want it just for its’ more functional midi-sequencer - pitch-bend, mod wheel, CCs, real-time recording and automation of CCs, etc.

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Have my S2400 slaved to my MPC Live at the moment. I think I gravitate to my S2400 more than I do my MPC Live. I’d have to agree - less deep, more immediate is something that draws me to the S2400.


Yeah, I can totally see that.

I too much prefer the simplicity, immediacy, less deep/complex UI, muscle-memory and dot-matrix of the S2400 (and also my mpc60 [which is for sale tho]).
Which, is one reason I am kinda wary of getting one of the newer Mpcs; as they’re too heavily feature filled almost like a daw.
With that point… now it’s making me 2nd think and be even more wary of buying an Mpc One.

But, no midi-recording/automation of pitch-bend, mod wheel, CCs of external-synths (or even the S2400’s internal params/samples) is a huge handicap.

Some people really love the new MPC because of how much like a DAW in the box it is. I didn’t find it intuitive and I’ve considered selling my MPC Live 1. I’m just incredibly lazy when it comes to selling. But I seriously haven’t turned it on since getting my S2400. The SP-16 does pitch bend and after touch as well as CCs of external synths. There was a time when the MPC One would have been the better deal new than the SP16 but that is no longer true the price on the One has gone up quite a bit. Of course these units are almost apples to oranges in many respects, other than the fact they are both samplers, but if you don’t need all the other features I’d consider it an option in spite of its limitations. It sounds better imo, pairs well with the S2400 and is more intuitive. If you have CV/Gate needs the One is a better call. If you are more familiar with the MPC way of doing things and prefer it then that is another pro.

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Maybe I should just wait it out and hope Isla releases a FW update for midi automation and recording of CC/mod-wheel/pitch-bend. That would save me $700 and also needing to learn yet another new machine.

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I’ve been on the fence about selling my MPC Live MK1 too. May just ride it to the wheels fall off. I still use it here and there - if I’m feeling lazy, I sample stuff into it and just move it over to my S2400. I do like the S2400’s simpler workflow over the MPC Live’s “all-in-one” thing, especially since I’m a simple guy myself. LOL. What’s the SP-16 like? Was thinking about getting an SP-404 MK2.

SIDE NOTE: I increased the internal storage size of my MPC Live to 256GB. It was easy as swapping out the microSD card on the board. My MPC Live is a modded thing, so that’s also weighing on my decision to sell it. LOL.

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The SP16 is closer to the MPC in that it has a touch screen but that is where the similarities end. It’s one of the best sounding modern samplers I’ve encountered. Stuff comes out of it sounding like it’s a finished recording off a record. And it also sounds great with the filter or without. The effects are kind of naff however, I rarely use them. It’s got some unfortunate limitations which make it a device best paired up with something else but it’s very fast and intuitive. SAP talked me into getting one (he didn’t have to twist my arm or anything) and I think he likened it to sounding reminiscent of the ASR10. I haven’t owned one of those so couldn’t say just that it sounds incredibly good to me.

I’m a pretty heavy DAW user and use Ableton for all my recording so the functionality of the MPC is really lost on someone like me. It wasn’t just that though I found the MPC rather unintuitive and the sound pretty neutral without much ooomph. I have less time than ever to learn interfaces. So devices that do a lot can be a bit of an issue for me if they also don’t keep the simple stuff on the surface and easy to find.

I’m on the waiting list for the 404 MK2, I should be in the next batch that comes to Sweetwater. I’ve never used a 404 so I’m guessing that will quite different as well. I’m pretty sure its effects will be superior to the SP16. But I have a space waiting for it next to my s2400s and SP16.

I’m going to add here, just for emphasis, that I bought the SP16 about a year ago when the S2400 was in very early stages of OS development. That was one reason for adding more sampling voices, the second reason is that I’ve been on a bit of a bender buying up most modern sampling options out there to try them out and see what sticks. I have the Deluge, SP16, S2400, MPC Live, Polyend Tracker, Digitakt as well as the 404mk2 and DirtyWave M8 on the way. (I had an Octatrack and just couldn’t get on with the interface so never bothered with the 2nd iteration. I sold mine off years ago). At this stage, if I could only keep one, I wouldn’t hesitate to let any of them go just to keep the S2400. And I’m not saying that because I’m on this forum, or a beta tester. It’s just as close to everything I ever wanted in a sampler in build, sound, and function.



You guys really making the SP16 enticing, haha. Sound is always important and likening it to an ASR10 even more so. Gas is dangerous and I’m trying to avoid that, lol.

(I know your last reply was more for @justineastwick) But… remember, my goal is to find a solution for midi-sequencing/recording/automation of pitch-bend, mod-wheel and CCs of external synths via a midi-kybd-controller connected to the S2400. So, the midi-sequencer needs to be really good/intuitive/easy, and also have no limitations.

SP16 def looks sexy and nice. I tried looking for its’ midi-sequencer specs and also its’ normal/internal-sound sequencer specs.
Like… max length of seqs/patterns, max number of seq/patterns, max tracks, max midi-tracks, song mode operation and ease of, Limitations?, etc. And also data/usb management, etc.

And, I couldn’t easily find much definitive info on its’ midi-sequencer or regular sequencer for internal sounds (only found many various random threads on Google that needed deep reads). I just found random threads saying it can’t do “poly-midi” (confused on this), it can’t use a midi-kybd-controller??, no SD card, and other weird quirks. Those issues turned me off… So, I stopped looking in to it deeper.

I can see how a newer Mpc is a turn off for a Daw user. As you’d already know your particular Daw very well, and learning a brand-new Daw (or Daw-like machine) and UI (like the new Mpcs) would be daunting and take too much time that isn’t worth it (cuz you already know/use a different Daw).

I’ve been watching tons of random Mpc One/Live videos on my YT feed. And, its’ workflow actually seems very easy/familiar to me and very similar to my mpc60 (just a different big modern screen, and much more added features like fx, plugins, audio-tracks, loopers, etc.) - still uses the exact same “Seq > Tracks / Programs > Song mode” workflow of a classic Mpc… just much more features, albeit more convoluted/deeper too.

As for the 404… I’ve always been a little interested in them (my hiphop friends had them back in the day, along with their Mpc1000s/2000s). But, again, my goal/solution is to improve on the S2400’s midi-sequencer (pitch bend, mod, CCs); and not to just find another awesome standalone sampler station. Iirc, the 404 series aren’t made to be midi-sequencers nor is it their strength.
Though, I am sure the 404 would be awesome as an “my only or portable or live sampler” machine with great fx twiddling (esp good for beginners or minimalists).

And, the SP16, like you’ve said… seems like it’s better as an “add-on” to a set-up/studio (kinda like an extra sampler module), rather than a main-hardwaresynth-centerpiece/hub/sequencer, due to its’ limitations.

It’s interesting to read how several are thinking of selling their Mpc Live/One, since the S2400 is so nice to use. This also makes me just wanna wait it out for new S2400 FWs (midi-sequencer improvements in automation, pitch bend, CCs, mod wheel).
I love the simplicity, ease and quickness of the S2400 too.
I also use an old Mackie mixer, a bunch of external synths and old cheapy fx racks (simple sht, but super hands-on)… so all of the “all in one” features of the Mpc One I’m not interested in (just interested in its’ midi-sequencer).

In your situation FD, I’d wait to see what the sequencer can do on the S2400 and keep the GAS in check. If it feels like you can’t wait since these are not guaranteed OS updates to the S2400, I would just keep an eye out for a second hand MPC One or Live at this point the Live Mk1 is less money than the One and you get more for your money really (other than the added buttons and CV). The worst that can happen is you don’t click with it but since you are already familiar with the MPC way it will probably be far easier for you to grok than it was for me.

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I have been using the MPC one with SP2400 since Jan this year. I was new to MPC one in november last year being a long time soft sequence user but currently loving the MPC as a stand alone sequencer with S2400 taking care of the drums. It has really been a great combination, I find the sequencer super simple to work with on the MPC and reminds me of my old MMT8 days (allbeit with a tone of more functionality), mutes, fast editing and just generally a really nice experience. I found it helpful to separate the midi sequencing from the drum pattern programming giving each a place to do its thing. Purely a personal opinion I understand as each can do both tasks amicably but it works for me.

The only issue I had was triggering the MPC from my transport control (X-Touch) as I have been using ableton live link sending midi clock via a Missing Link device to the S2400 (and all other midi clock inputs in the studio). I had to create a small circuit to send MMC when the transport was set to start or stop for everything to sync at the same time to avoid jumping around and clicking start on each device. Admittedly not a problem if you take the simple route of using midi clock and not ableton live link but I needed that so I could just open Ableton at any time to record vocals in multipasses.

I guess I will drag myself into the 21st century one day and see the mpc as more than a sequencer but its just so nice to make music and not fight with software because x has updated and needs to restart.

I have not tried to use the audio inputs via usb, only utilizing the midi on the usb as I just capture the idea on the computer when its ready, before that I just capture a 2 track from the mixer. everythiing is piped in parallel to the mixer with each multitrack captured on motu for later mixing but the strength of the MPC and s2400 is just having a system you can turn on and create music with, even without a computer so it helps to be creative and not be an engineer all of the time.

In short personally I recommend the two complement each other and currently take care of everything until it gets recorded.

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Very nice review. Thanks for that. Sounds like a great combo and it’s working well for you.

i feel the exact same way. i still use my Live and my 2000xl, and really prefer the track mute matrix on the live as a master sequencer, but the workflow, ease of use and overall sound on the s2400 make it very appealing in my multiple setups, where i just prefer to use it as a standalone.

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How do you use the two together? I have an SP 16 and just ordered the s2400

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I mainly use them as seperate idea generators, different things come out of each box so I will put something together in the SP-16 and or S2400 and then it all gets pushed into live where it is arranged and finished. I like working on pieces of music in each of them and not so much finished songs.


Awesome thank you!

Yeah I’m thinking of using the Sp DSI filter to prep samples for the s2400. Should be here tomorrow. Can’t wait!

My mpc x feeds all of my samplers since it’s pretty much a standalone daw . Which I was doing with my og 1200 before getting the isla 2400, I use my mpc x for midi sync to my outboard sound modules, not my isla though. I love the creativity the isla brings just like old gear, with the future firmware updates , effects hopefully it can / should be a more awesome sampler even though it already is. The newer akai mpc line all an awesome piece to make a combo with the isla IMO.

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If they add pitch bend to be recorded, then I think I’d probably sell my mpcx.
Also… If I could have a cherry on top then… a Reverb would be perfect.


I’d even be happy and satisfied with just pitch-bend & mod-wheel (CC1), maybe foot-pedal too (CC 4)… doesn’t need to be the entire CC list (127 total).

CC 5 & 7 (and 71 & 74 for some machines?) would be useful too for external analog filters.