Mpc Integration (workflow)?

I have my Mpc 60 which I love the groove on but it’s such a hassle to get it to work in a modern environment and after messing with the s2400 for a day or two I just can’t get it to groove like my Mpc 60. Is there a way to integrate these two so that I can do my drum patterns with swing and all on the Mpc but samples and everything else on the s2400? Loading my kits from the computer is so easy on the s2400 is there maybe even a way to have the sounds on the s2400 but have them triggered by the 60 to have the 60s groove with sounds from the 2400? I really thought this would be the all in one sampler solution (2400) and maybe it is and I need some more time with it but right now it isn’t doing it as far as drums go. Anyone please help with feedback lol thanks


Can’t you just sync the S2400 to the mpc 60? I’m assuming the groove is the quanitze and timing of the MPC so why not use it as the sequencer for the S2400?

Hmm maybe thats what i was trying to ask but i worded it poorly lol. I’ll be honest im pretty new still to older samplers, the mpc i got from a friend of mine for the low a few years back. If you dont mind could you explain how i would set this up? Do I just connect the two via midi and make the mpc the “master”? Thanks for the reply

The best thing you can do is really go through the video manual that Alex did. He just did Part 9 which covers Sync and Midi which is what you need. It’s just way too detailed for me to explain how to set it up as the secondary device to the MPC.


Nah I appreciate you linking it to me I wasnt aware there was a video tutorial for it I was over here scrolling through the pdf manual lol. The fact that its do-able is good news to me I just gotta watch this and give it a go. Thanks

Yeah and do play with the quantize, swing and nudge settings more. You may find once you understand the machine better that you can find the groove you want from it. It really can do the swing that the SP1200 did.


Hmm alright thats my goal for tonight then lol, practicing and learning all the settings regarding the “groove”. Thanks

Sorry I have a question I think this is part of the issue. I cannot get the kicks to swing and i dont mean sound good I mean the swing perecentage whether set to 8th or 16ths is doing literally nothing. Have you come across this issue?

No, have you gone into the actual swing settings?

Yeah man Ive done both the pattern swing or global as well as doing it by going shift + the pad and setting individual to settings from 50% to 75% on both 8ths and 16ths mode and it is doing nothing. I also have the kicks quantized to 16ths so it should be working. I’m not sure why but only the hihats are getting affected by the swing

yeah that is odd. I’ll have to do a bit of digging. I was testing some other features earlier today but have closed down the studio for the evening. I’ll get into it tomorrow.

Stupid question but have you tried putting the Kick on a different pad/track and seeing if it works there? I’m assuming you’ve got it set up something like kick A1, hi hat A2, clap A3 etc.

In the video manual Swing starts at 2:13

Yeah i tried that it didnt work I went into a new pattern after restarting the unit and now the global swing is working for the kicks but the individual track swing for it still wasn’t working. Has to be some kind of bug. I’ll check that out

after some fidgeting got it working lol. not sure how long it’ll last but none the less im happy lol. This is much better

One thing I do accidentally is I have something highlighted but not actually selected. I have to remember to press the encoder down.

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The mpc60 is the only sequencer I know and it’s been my main-centerpiece for +10 years. I make all my tracks on it and only on it (via song mode).

I only received the S2400 2 days ago and am still learning it. I think you just need to start really learning it and you’ll eventually find your groove with the S2400.

I’m obviously way more used to the mpc60 workflow and song making with it… but, so far, I am pleasantly and super surprised at how easy and quick the S2400 is to use and make tracks/songs on. The mpc60 was already very intuitive and quick to make patterns and songs on (especially with muscle memory and quick menu button presses/navigation). But, believe it or not, the S2400 is even faster and easier than the mpc! And, additionally, it uses SD/MSC instead of floppies!

I can make numerous doodles/sketches with the S2400, that I could never do with the mpc.
Floppies are a pia, gotta physically locate and then load/save to floppies, gotta be stingy with expensive/limited floppies, and sampling the old-school audio-in way takes very long and can be daunting enough to not want to start a new project or even a simple doodle. MSC is at least 100x quicker.

My only gripe is the 8-voice poly on it; that’s a super limiting factor (especially if using one-shots and not loops).
I know you can be creative and sample something with multiple hits then use multi-mode-slice, or use live looper, etc. But, that just an extra step that isn’t the most ideal.

I know many will argue 16voice will convolute the workflow or OS or 8pads on the S2400… but I thoroughly disagree. eg: look at the mpc60… it only has 16 pads, but a simple quick press of the ‘Bank 2’ button takes you into pads/samples 17-32 seamlessly and easily, for use or editing.


That conversation over at GS worked my last nerve regarding this topic. And I agree with everything you’ve just said.

Anyway even if it stayed with 8 poly with the option to resample to the same track or merge samples so that your drums, hi-hat, clap etc from various hits were all on combined into a pattern on 1 pad/track in lieu of 16 separate tracks, but I still think both options 16 poly and resample to one layered sample would be great.

We’ll just have to see where this lands. Nothing, as far as I know, has been formally decided regarding this yet. Bugs, Kordbot and Time Stretch are where the Dev attention is fixed currently.


I see people’s point and wanting of something like you mentioned - resampling/merging/combining onto 1 pad/track to save space.

But, just my opinion, that sounds a lot more complex, extra steps, more workflow, than just simply having/using 16voices (especially if you need to edit/mix those multiple samples within 1 merged track).

But, I totally understand the want, need and usefulness of resampling/merging/combining onto 1 pad/track.

Thanks for the thorough reply I agree it is a lot faster being SD card I particularly love how easy it is to get all my samples and drum sounds into the 2400 and onto the computer. I was on it again last night trying to get it down I’m getting there lol but I do really like it overall so far just a learning curve I guess and figuring out how to do everything there’s a lot of different options and shortcuts with buttons to do different features. Mpc is simple haha. So I feel like you are the best person on here to ask this then and maybe you could help me out with it. A big way I was kind of fine tuning to get certain grooves with the drums on the Mpc was using the shift feature in conjunction with the swing. So for example maybe I’d set the swing on kicks to whatever % but then I’d want them to just hit earlier I could just shift earlier by however many (1-12) and it would shift all the kicks at the same time a bit earlier but it would still keep the groove of whatever the % of swing I set on them was. On the 2400 the only way to do this I know of is to nudge individual notes one at a time on the step sequencer and then because you nudge them off of the 16th or 8th, you know right on the exact grid, the swing feature won’t effect them anymore. Maybe I’m misunderstanding what the shift feature on the Mpc is actually doing but regardless I know I get the result I want and it’s way easier lol. Maybe I sound crazy right now lol but I found a way that works for me on the Mpc so I’m just trying to do it on the 2400 because I really am loving the 2400 so far I just need to get this down. Maybe I’ll just mess around on the 2400 with no quantize and see how it goes.


It really doesn’t have to be though. It would be simple to be on say Pad A1 and select resample which then gives 2 options 1. Resample from 48 to 24 and 2 resample tracks and then you could select A2 A3 and A5 by touching those pads and you would select resample with the encoder and boom layer them onto A1.

I think from a user interface perspective it could be easy.

From the perspective of the Mickey and Vlad doing the work I’m unsure.


Sorry for the off-topic but the voice/output situation seems to be complex indeed.

Isn’t it 16 voices already? This is what I remember reading here. What about a choke / no choke setting for each track assigned to an output? Might it work for the mix out?

Anyway thanks for the input about priority. I would be happy if bugs are still fixed and firmware updated while Kordbot is developed. :slight_smile: