MPC 60 synced with S2400

I would like to use MPC 60 sequencer and have all sounds in S2400. I know how to connect MIDI cable, however I’m not familiar with all these MIDI options to choose. Can anyone help?

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I did just this recently, albeit with a MPC2500 but that will not make a difference. It helped me a great deal to watch the video tutorial part 9, on sync and MIDI etc. Good description and demo there. In short, you want to use the sample track mapping under the sync menu. Hit a pad on the S2400, highlight and select the current note that pad listens to, assuming MIDI all setup correctly between MPC and Isla, hit the pad on the MPC you want to trigger the S2400 sample track with (or slice). Repeat process for your banks. Save mapping as part of project. Probably a few options for variation in the way to do it, this is how I did it.

Thanks for your replay Man!

I have managed to sync it properly with others help.
I was just messing around with wrong channels, and didn’t change MIDI from pitched to percussion in S2400 and it was very confusing. Now everything is more clear.

I really like this combo. 60 for drums and sequencer and 2400 for samples and bass. Sounds really good.


Hello Bizon, I have also been confused as to how to do this. I have read the manual and also seen the video manual on YouTube and have been lost. If you could please describe the step by step, or even post photos to show how this is done, it would be very helpful! I would also like to use the Mpc 60 as my sequencer as you described.

Thank you!

Okay so step by step starting from the beginning:

  • connect your MIDI cable, MIDI out from MPC 60 to MIDI IN S2400,

MPC 60 settings:

  • go to TEMPO/SYNC, then SOFT KEY 1 for Sync and it should look like this:

  • then go to the main screen and under TRACK 1 change channel to 1A-SYNTH1A and then select that for track 2, 3, 4, etc.

S2400 settings:

  • press SHIFT and SYNC, then CLOCK SRC. to MIDI DIN,

  • scroll down to MIDI DIN JACK and thick TRANSPORT IN, NOTES IN, VELOCITY IN, CC IN,

  • press SHIFT and PAD A1, scroll down to MIDI, mark NOTE and hit PAD 1 on MPC 60, change MODE from pitched to percussion and it should look like this:

  • then hit PAD A2 on S2400, mark NOTE then PAD 2 on the MPC 60, change pitched to percussion,

  • do it like that for every single pad, it will map everything automatically.

Hope that’s clear enough. Any questions just ask, hope I’ll be able to help and sorry for a late replay.


very clearly detailed and explained. I was able to get it right away.

Is there a way to utilize the 16 pads with this method?

For example, taking a single sound from s2400 and creating 16 levels via mpc60?

Very helpful information you have provided.

I think 16 levels should work on MPC 60 as normal.