MPC ONE x S2400

Hello, just recently received my S2400 in the mail. I love it so far.

I have a few questions?

The main thing being how to properly connect the MPC ONE x S2400 simultaneously. I want to control everything from the MPC ONE. I do not know what I am doing wrong. I leave pictures for some help explaining what I am trying to say. Thank you

From mpc one midi out to isla midi in, of course do this with both gear off, then you’ll have to get into midi settings in the isla and the mpc one to match . I’m assuming you should be able to trigger the pads on the isla from the mpc and maybe some other functions you should be able to

I’ve thought about trying this for some of the functionality of the MPC Live mk2. Interested to hear how this works out and what you end up using the S2400 for in the workflow :+1: