Any plans for a software to make S2400 kits? (Win10)

I asked this question more than a year ago. Maybe there’s something already out there or it’s in the making?

Something to create kits on a single bank or multiple banks using the SD Card. Where you can audition sounds and then drag and drop them to the pads (interface) then save as S2400 kits. No need for fancy features like editing samples or add effects. Just to make kits with sounds as is.

Similar to this:

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I am also interested in such a tool as a user and maybe as a developer.
The following questions arise in this context:

  1. KIT file format - free/open source or licensed?
  2. KIT file format - technical documentation available?
  3. Possible user base size?
  4. Distribution and pricing?
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Chicken Systems is supposedly putting support for the S2400 in the next release of Translator and Constructor. I believe the release is supposed to drop next week.