No S2400 "Kit Maker" software yet?

Still waiting for someone or any company out there to come out with a “simple” program where you can audition and drag and drop samples to make kits for the S2400. This will save LOTS of time when making beats.


Make it! I’ll pay $12 for it :grinning:

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I wish I knew how to do it. If it was easy I’d make it “donation” based.

Nice - I’ve done a little website coding. This would be full-blown application development… mac and windows compatible. Would need access to operating system to transfer files… Unless there’s a developer out there who loves the S2400, what’s their motivation? How big is the market for this app? Comes basically down to $$.

I think it would be really easy to do. You just need to edit a couple of text files, and then move files into the appropriate directory.

You can already just overwrite files with different sounds of the same name to modify kits on your computer. That’s about as easy an interface as I can imagine.

In this thread, Brad Holland indicated that they are willing / able to share the format documentation, but that hasn’t happened just yet. I think that would only take an hour or two.

I think experimentation will yield the answers. It’s not cryptographically sealed or anything.

The .KIT files are dense gibberish to me, but the .S2400 files show some obvious structure (it is sample/bank based, and “0” is the null value).

Anyway, you could call some sort of script to modify these files or just do it by hand. Batch processing of audio files is pretty straightforward as well… use macros in reaper or audacity.


ALSO: I use the following workflows on the S2400 to save time…

  • load sounds from folder (you can start with a prepared folder on your computer you want to be a kit, pre-process them on computer as well

(create a macro such as mixdown to mono > normalize > export 48k 16bit) for example, from audacity). Good for file size management.

Pre-trim them as well using whatever DAW. This can be intelligently automated too.

  • resample from the S2400’s file brower menu directly (saves loading samples into slots and then menu diving multiple times)

  • use a USB keyboard with the S2400 when it’s not in the way. Saves tons of time when naming stuff.

  • if your computer has an SD card reader it can be faster to pop the card from the machine and throw it in your laptop rather than waiting for it to pair. it seems to be fine to do and won’t corrupt anything even with the project open


I agree with @Kid_Missive. The whole idea is simple and could be done in Python in a couple of hours and work on every platform.

What is not simple are people’s expectations about the software that it has to be a complete product. It needs to do this, that, have GUI, work on every wooden pc and do everything with just one keypress. What I noticed is that artistic minds are typically not very tech-savvy, so it will be at least a couple of weeks of evenings effort to make something as polished.

It’s the GUI and auditioning samples that will be really annoying.


Some time ago, someone said that Chicken Systems was adding support to Translator for S2400. I also spoke to someone about adding the Rossum Assimil8or to their Translator program. I don’t know what ever came of that though. I’m guessing nothing…

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If it were something as simple as the 2KXL app (formerly ran on adobe flash) where you could just drag and drop wavs on to pads per bank to then create a program file, that alone would be nice, in the future of course

ref: Mpc 2000xl App | Easiest Way to Transfer Files! - YouTube

Ok. Well if all you want to do is swap out samples, then how is dragging and dropping files into project folders on your computer’s explorer fundamentally any different than what you are describing?

Or using “load kit from folder”? I kind of prefer not having ugly bloatware.

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Not sure if you were talking to me or not but I’m cool with how things are right now, I was just adding to the convo

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Ok. No shade. I’m just trying to offer solutions in my bitchy way. Feel free to replace “you” with “one” if it doesn’t apply to you. :slight_smile:

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@Kid_Missive Yeah you’re good. I’m not going to take that to heart-- but I’m not sure if I understood your stance-- are you for an app or against it?

Thanks for the tips.

Thread hijack in progress!

So if I load from folder the 2400 spreads the samples across slots according to alphabeticals or numbers if they have been included in sample names?

Edit. I’ll go try it out :grinning:

Yes, Load Sounds Folder is the function you want.

I have just used chatgpt to make a powershell script that separates a folder full of samples into subfolders of 32 samples each. One way I can see using this script is to take a folder of hundreds of randomly named samples and break them into groups that could be loaded up. I have a batch file that handles the random naming also. If you guys are interested, I can try to upload the code here.

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Can you ask ChatGPT to explain the .KIT file format? :slight_smile:

Chat GPT answers that there is a Kit Maker Software in the Isla Instruments support page on the website. This is obviously not true, but it made me wonder if there was one at some time. I think chatgpt is trained using data from a couple of years ago.

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Yeah I figured that would be a crazy ask since it would have to do raw data analysis and then make up a story for it without any real context. Maybe next year though!