Software to visually arrange or lay out samples into kits?

Does any exist?

Not quite sure what you’re looking to do, but when I hear “visually arrange / layout into kits” I think something like Ableton’s drum rack - a 16 pad grid that displays sample names, and becomes your kit.

You may wanna check this out though - frederikson labs

Vosyr software was designed to make the Korg Volca Sample FAR more user friendly - mainly for importing a lot of your own samples at once (other option is one very slow sync at a time from a phone app), but also building kits, making patterns, automating parameters, etc in a software interface to then sync right to the Volca Sample for performance. Essentially just a software interface for the Volca Sample, but honestly pretty fun to use standalone - the parameter automation creates super unique changes to samples and one of the reasons I’ll never get rid of mine.

Obviously you won’t be able to sync anything to the 2400 other than clock I suppose, but for your purposes you can drag, drop and manage up to 100 samples at a time - organize into kits, play around and make some patterns…then once you’ve made a kit you like load those samples into your S2400. You could also make a pattern, sample it into the S2400, mulit-slice and boom have your new kit all on one channel!


What I am wanting is more basic though. I’d like a simple way to take samples and make kits visually then transfer them to the s2400… For example, I have samples from a yamaha rx-5 in a folder on my HD. When I load the folder into the S2400 it puts the samples on to pads. I then have to switch them around one-by-one to where I want them.

I’d like to set them up visually, save the kit, and have that kit load to the pads as they have been arranged, rather than having to do it one-by-one on the machine itself.

@cram1960 One thing you can do is prefix the file names with a number or letter so they sort in the order you want them to be loaded, then use the Load Sample Folder option.


Ahh yes! I knew there would be a simple way to do this. I just oculdn’t “see” it.

Well there we go, that’s awesome - simple solution already staring us in the face. Thanks @Mickey !

Hey Mickey I have a general gear tech question you may be able to answer. Not sure how familiar you are with the Vosyr software or Volca Sample firmware, but it’s able to transfer A LOT of data (relative to Volcas anyway) - samples, sequences, parameter automation, etc simultaneously - via the 3.5mm headphone jack out from computer to sync in on the hardware. I was wondering how that works exactly? Or in general, what messages are being sent over the wire in data syncs/transfers like that, where it’s transferring various file types over 3.5mm?

I have not used those, but I am familiar with data transfer, even firmware update, over audio. The short answer is that it works just like an old modem that sent data over phone lines. The actual protocol and the format of the data is non-standard.

What @Mickey didn’t mention is that it respects the existing samples to boot. So if you start a project and sample onto a few tracks, then decide you want to load a kit, sample 1 starts at the first empty pad.