Still hoping for a *S2400 Kit Maker* for Windows

InB4… “is not that easy” or “nobody wants that but you” comments.

Let me dream… :sleepy: :zzz: :bed:


Start coding it.

So glad for the “mute user” option. Byeeee! :man_shrugging: :rofl:

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‘mute user option’ in a forum. you’re a request making machine! lolololllllll. sorry, i couldn’t resist. but seriously, as much as i love the sound of this machine, i like to do some processing of sounds prior to putting them to work in the S2400. i keep sounds partitioned in their own folders (eg. snares, hats, kicks, breaks, percussion) but it would be nice to have a little more organizing power.

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The things is, a s2400 kit maker for Win/Mac would be a game changer. Period.

And to your point, imagine processing your sounds how you like then using the kit maker to make one or two banks just for drum sounds. Then leave the other banks for chops, etc. Bruh… :fire:

I would GLADLY pay top dollar for that software. It’s a LEGIT request and I don’t need morons to tell me “start coding” or “it’s not gonna happen”. It’s so easy to just keep it moving. :man_shrugging:


Agreed. This would be awesome. Some kind of software access into the machine at least. The app for the SP-404mkii definitely increased my use of that machine. I’ve recently been driving the S2400 with my Deluge and I’d definitely drop money to be able to build kits on my comp for the S2400.

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I used to have about 3 different ones for the MPC 2000XL, they were all made by the community. Someone was posting on here about a tool that converts sample kits to S2400 format, not sure how difficult it would be to create something that allows one to drag and drop sounds/kits together. SP404MKII software is good at this, but the machine doesn’t fit my workflow apart from jamming and the FX. I don’t gel with the sequencer and all the combos, and effort to track out the beat, but that said its a nice jack of all trades.


I do think that if this ever comes into existence, it will be through the community. Some folks on here who know better than me have claimed that it wouldn’t be very hard to develop so hopefully they step up to the plate and do it. I don’t personally think I’d use it that much but I empathize with people who would!

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That’s the thing. I won’t be using it that often either. I mostly make boom bap hip-hop. So I know the type of drum sounds I want. I can spend a couple of days building up let’s say 10 kits. Each kit covering 2 banks. These will include kick, snare, hh/ohh, crash, percs, misc one shots… a little bit of everything.

Once that it’s done I don’t have to use the software for a long time. After months or whatever I can go back an replace some of the sounds or layer them and “update” the kits. Then rinse repeat.

It’s not about using the software all the time, it’s about the ease of use and workflow when making the kits. Imagine doing the same thing above just using the s2400 browser… It can be done but it is NOT the same by a long shot.