Any plans for kit making software for the Mac/PC?

Is making any kind of kit building software for the computer on the radar at all? If not, is there any information on how the .KIT files are rendered for any outside developers to work on?

I saved a factory kit to the SD and opened it up in a code editor, but it’s in a machine format, not a human readable format like XML or something. How are these files structured and compiled?

I use Kit Maker to convert my NI kits to my MPC, it’d be awesome to be able to build some kits like this for the S2400 as well.


Ditto - I haven’t had time to explore the files extensively, but hoped to look into the feasibility of a kit builder with Python or (less likely C++).


Any chance the Isla team could publish the .kit file format, please?


this would be amazing for converting MPC programs to s2400 kits!

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I had the idea of doing this as a webpage here on the site.
Should be reasonably simple, but we have a lot on our plate right now.


this will be cool and amazing either or its well needed @bradholland thanks lord you and the team are like jesus to us lol BLESS KINGS. converting all files from mpc ensoniq kurweil roland ect to s2400 MIND BLOWN lol who ever is reading you know what to do .


The community could help. You don’t have to do it alone. I would write some code for it if it’s something you’re into. We could open source it and generate a whole additional value add for your killer machine, unless you don’t want the .kit schema public.


I’m not opposed to that at all.
It would involve documentation of the format which just takes time.
bigger fish to fry etc right now


Thanks for your reply.

I can definitely appreciate that. Just keep us in the loop if you need assistance.