Translator 7.1 with S2400 format support

So cool… Chicken Systems Translator 7.1 will have S2400 format support


Has anyone used this yet, I can’t work out exactly what this does. Or what type of librarys it converts.

Perhaps we should ask them to make a kit builder :stuck_out_tongue:

Version 7.1 will be released 11/24. I’ll try it out once installed and provide an update here


Did this get updated or not? I wanted to update mine, but it looks like it is still on 7.0 build 8.

Same here- still on V7.0 Build 8. I’ll keep checking for the 7.1 update

Well, he told me during the summer that it would come out in July or August, so I’m not surprised. Just weird that he would set a date like that and then give us nothing.

Just installed Translator V 7.1.1
It now shows the S2400 format, but I cannot convert it to any other format. I may be doing somsthing wrong. LMK if you can
T V7_1

I’ve used Translator to make emulated drives on scsi2sd for old gear.

Why would anyone need it for the S2400?