Firmware / Software - Any Plans for Open Sourcing/Active Community Contribution?

Hey there Isla Instrumentalists!

I am sitting here, impatiently awaiting the shipping notification for my S2400. I read the user manual, i watched youtube videos, you guys have a mid-thirty something Software Engineer turning back into a little kid which cannot wait for its birthday present to arrive, finally being able to dive from the MPC to the SP workflow without paying 4k$.

First: Thank you very much for that, i cannot remember the last time i was so excited for something to arrive!

Second: All this waiting time gives me a lot to think and fantasize about the S2400 and its software, and as an software dude myself i would like to know if there are any plans to open source or make the development more actively community involving/contributing?

I read the threads about the personal “missing features” wishlists, the comparisons to other machines and their software etc and i would love to spend some portion of my free time contributing to this development and potentially seeing the software being, of course in an by ISLA curated fashion, also developed by the community itself.

Is there any chance for an “official” JJOS or Vailixi like thing to happen here? Since i am, as mentioned before, also in the software business i know that this seems like a hell of a scary idea, especially with limited resources and will involve a lot, a ton lot of effort to get this happening and i get the business priorities, but i would love to hear some official opinion on this and to see if parts of the community would potentially join in on this effort.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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It seems to me that this idea has already been mentioned but without success, indeed it would be excellent to be able to participate in the development of the software! courage to wait man!

Sorry to be the party pooper but it’s never going to happen. We already involve our users in firmware development via our bug reporting and feature suggestion forums.

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Fair enough, thanks for the reply!