Is firmware development on hold?

The frequent firmware updates seem to have dropped of a bit since the last one which was great. Just wondering, is firmware development on hold until you can produce more S2400s or is it still active?

Personally I’m not missing anything major at the moment except for maybe a few bugs and sending pattern changes. And maybe a feature combining time-stretch and pitch stretch so you can change pitch of samples and the machine calculates to timestretch it so it keeps the original tempo.

Just thought I’d ask :slight_smile:


My gripe is not being able to sample whilst the sequencer is moving. Such a big limitation and makes having recorded midi in the sampler a bit useless if you can’t sample it without a workaround with a daw.

Happy with everything else.

Hope development is still happening.


You can either record mono to live-looper tracks or use the bounce pattern feature with your midi track soloed to record a midi sequence in stereo.

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Thanks, I’ll give those a go. Sampling from the Sampler seems to make more logical sense. But I guess the result is the same.


I asked on fb group and didn’t get a reply, unfortunately. Hopefully the work is still going because the unit is still very far from being stable and bulletproof. I love the work that the team has done so far but I would be shooting myself in the foot if I said that everything were perfect.

I managed to have lost a project a couple of weeks ago. I had it saved and then restarted my unit. Everything sounded different once the project was reloaded again. I suspect that start/end points of my slice did not get saved or it could be the pitch settings that did not save, too.

Some weird things happen here and there and my unit became something I cannot fully rely on. Despite my great love for it. Although, I think things are getting a lot more stable with every update. So I hope the team focuses more on making the unit stable rather than focusing on the influx of feature requests. Every new feature introduces a hundred of new bugs while the old bugs are still being uncovered. People can wish and request all they want but the system needs to be bulletproof.


yeah the current lack of communication is not very reassuring compared to past years over-communication. But yeah if there’s nothing new planned in a near future, at least fixing known bugs would be nice :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I found some more bugs, but the current lack of communication kills my mood to make an effort to report them here.


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I have sent two emails to isla instruments and have never received an email back. So communication hasn’t been great for me either. Busy playing with their vintage synths I guess. Well deserved break I am sure, but leaves me a bit cold :-/.

There are some really anoying bugs like the one that doesn’t reset the start and end points of a sample when you trim it and resave.


Brad said bugfixes are coming. He commented under my post on facebook just recently which is reassuring.

I know the guys are working on it because internal ticket numbers get assigned to threads here but getting the confirmation was really good nonetheless.


Oh yeah that’s an annoying one for sure!

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Please-please-please report them! This will even be beneficial to users who read the forum making them aware of the issue!


Would love to see some info about this too

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Really hoping the volume bug, the click when accepting a loop, along with other get fixed soon. Its more about getting rid of the bugs for me. Especially the volume bug since I dont use the faders for volume and use the gain function it seems I have to move the sliders down and then up to reset the volumes back to where it was originally. If that was solved I would be so happy.


Almost 3 months without update? news ?

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The longer the wait, the more bugs squashed with fewer new bugs.

Patience guys.


Aside from the always important bug-fixes… really hope they are working on and will add mod-wheel, some basic CCs and pitch-bend to its’ midi-sequencer.

Don’t wanna go back to the mpc if I don’t have to.

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I hope so, but there hasn’t been any beta updates either. Which there was a lot of before the previous updates to catch bugs and stuff….

Yeah I’ve been disappointed in how they just dropped off the radar right after I bought the S2400 as well. They did not respond to my YouTube comment about development a couple of months back either. I get that they gotta make a living but I also want communication regarding a freshly bought 1700$ product lol.

What I really want is the ability to live loop record in stereo. It’s a really big buzz kill that all my stereo keyboards and effects get summed to mono when I record them in by jamming. As a sampler I wish there was a way to record in parts in stereo by playing them in. That’s a pretty big omission, as that is my workflow and mpc live and toriaz sp16 can do that no problem. Of course I get that back in the day you couldn’t do that on older mpc’s etc but still. I was envisioning myself jamming away and I’m like, all my recordings have to be summed to mono? Bummer lol

in their defense however I did not direct message support asking about firmware development. Still they did stay super silent to people’s public forum questions on future firmware, EVEN ON THEIR OWN FORUM, after being super vocal and communicative on social media that only a few units were left in this batch and production would be on hold till next year.