Add On DSP Module Announced!

Figured I’d go ahead and kick off the hype machine. Haha. It was announced today via social media that the team is in the early stages of developing a DSP module for their S2400. They’re looking to have it run multiple modified vst plugins per 8 output channels and also provide a second master bus that can have its own plugins. From what Brad is saying, it will be user installable, just like the upcoming 8x multimode analogue filter board they’re working on. He also confirmed that both will be installable. Salivating at the idea of a fully blown out S2400!

I’m super excited about all of this, as it’s honestly so much more than I was expecting from the team. They’re really outdoing themselves, in my opinion, and proving over and over why the S2400 is not only a good buy, but fully deserves to sit next to all of the legendary machines that we all know and love.

What are your thoughts on all of this and what fx would you hope to see added? Personally, I’m not looking for anything too massive. A solid EQ, compressor and delay would the trick, though a reverb and transient shaper would be great additions, too!


If it has VST loadable capabilities then tbh it just needs a good partnership. Valhalla would be amazing…can’t think of a better dream option. The post hints at capability of loading multiple modified vst plugins, this could open many exciting possibilities. In fact it sounds pretty game changing. MPC has started to introduce paid for plugins but I think S2400 could do better with another professional plugin developer, not Air, supporting their ecosystem. Sounds like a very powerful upgrade for DSP FX. Can’t wait. Aaaand 8 analog multimode filters to add in as well.


+1 for Valhalla
any PSP plugins would be cool ! Can’t wait to get it !


Loadable VSTs would be amazing and would absolutely leapfrog the competition out there. Even the Maschine+ can’t do that in standalone, from what I understand. Still, something about the ‘modified VSTs’ lands, for me, like they are going to be looking at partnering in some kind of way with 3rd party developers (per Brad’s statement) to adapt existing VSTs to the S2400. Either way, it’s a win-win for me! I’ll be able to rely on the S2400 more for beefing up sounds. Up to now, I’ve leaned on running things from vinyl into the 404 mk2 and MPC Live for fine editing/adding some colour before sampling them into the S2400. If I can ease some of that prior to working in the S2400 by added more low end after the fact, but in the box, I’d be really happy!

Well let’s see the price and the promises when the pre-order is online.

I’ll probably buy it if it looks good but to be honest I’d prefer to see the main board upgraded if possible. Less restrictions with outputs, more RAM, more CPU cycles, more polyphony and a finished firmware with improved functions.

Doesn’t really need a floppy reader, an effect board or analog filters per output right now but let’s see what they will bring to us in the future. It’s been a good experience to me so far so I look forward to hearing more about these additional boards :slight_smile:


I just got an SP404mk2 last weekend for these purposes. I did play with making a complete track in one but ultimately S2400 is a more enjoyable experience, but it serves amazingly as an intermediary audio processor that can capture any sound, apply effects and then I can insert into s2400. It’s such a great device and I’m pretty certain this will have its place next to the S2400 alongside the DSP add on.

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My hope that the emphasis would be on creative FX and not so much on mixing FX. And with control of the parameters (p-lock/env).

Resonators, karplus strong delays, pi warp, RFX like muxter, vocoding, live timestretch to scales, elastic audio (like v-synth), S1000 3D panning, …, come to mind.


SUPER excited for the DSP module!!


Agreed. I just want the firmware to be fleshed out and bug fixes. That’d be it pretty much it. The immediacy of the S2400 is what draws me to it over my MPC Live.

I will take a gamble on the board though. Wouldn’t hurt to have it. Knowing this, I can finally sell my MPC Live, I guess…


I feel that. It seems that there is a big FW update coming. Brad mentioned in a video that it’s going to be squashing a lot of bugs and hopefully not making new ones. I’ve honestly been more vocal about adding three features than I have been for FX:

  1. Sample triggering, like the MPC, so that we can layer sounds faster. Stacking drums (kicks especially) is when you really get to hear this machine flex, sonically.

  2. Expanded multimode sample slices from 8 to 16 or more.

  3. Being able to use the <<< and >>> buttons to jump back and forth to different bars in a pattern from the ‘main screen’. Many of us seem to only go into the step edit screen to do that or fine tune edit. When I’m working with a standard hip hop 16-bar pattern, it’s such a pain waiting for it to come around or having to go into the step edit screen to navigate to a certain point, as it completely interrupts the creative flow. When I’m not having to do that, I’m flying on this machine. Imagine being able to hit the arrows to bar 11, remove a sound there, hit stop and then the back arrow real quick and tap it in the way that you like. All in all, that would save a lot of time.

Those three additional functions would absolutely be a game changer for the S2400, in my opinion. Praying they get added at some point. But, like you, I’m still going to get the fx and filter boards too!


I feel like these three things can be easily implemented in the next firmware update.

I’m not really concerned with drum layering/stacking or dedicated page buttons (I definitely agree with your point in having the dedicated page button though), but an expanded multi mode is something to be to really to rejoice over!

How much you think the boards are going to go for? I was thinking about a quarter of what the S2400 is worth - $450 or something like that.

You know, that’s a great question. One that my wallet is seriously considering, given that I have two units hahaha. Brad made mention in the post of pre-orders going up, once things have been developed to a point that the team felt comfortable releasing it. Who knows…maybe there will be a discount for those of us who put in for a pre-order??

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Yeah, I definitely plan to preorder! I don’t have two units - was looking at getting a Rossum SP1200, but I can’t justify the $4k price tag AND I could get two more S2400s for that price range!

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When I was looking into the Variscite company, it seemed like those ARM modules might start around the 60-70 dollar range. I have no idea which specific module it is so that could be totally inaccurate. Then when you factor in the board that holds the module, R&D, possible licensing, profit margin… yeah it could add up quick! Hopefully it’s not too painful cause I definitely want one!

I can’t imagine it being less than $300 for that board.

$450 for both or each board? Each would be a little steed. With tax that would be over $1k. The S2400 is going for $1,500 right. Two thirds of a unit? Hmmm! :unamused:

Well, nothings been confirmed, but you know what? I’m comfortable with whatever price they set for what they feel is fair for R&D, production, labor, licensing, etc. If I have to save up, then I save up. That’s the price of supporting small business. My respect level for them went way up when they acquired and then started rehabbing/selling all those vintage synths. Pulling off projects like these isn’t easy and I feel better about my money going in their pockets than a large corporation. Plus, even with the two boards, it’s still faaaaaaar less than the reissue of the machine that it was inspired by hahaha!


I hope the DSP boards don’t cost more than $250 each. Maybe even $100 - $150 for a pre-order incentive


Yeah it’s a little early to get too worried about price. Also, the preorder price for the 2400 itself was crazy low when you consider what it ended up being. So if they do offer a preorder price it may not be so bad. Either way I’m sure I’ll be picking it up.


If the DSP board brings us “internal” sample editing functions like a very good offline timestretch or a real-time time stretch I m buying it. :slight_smile: This is the only thing I still do in Reaper before using the S2400, timestreching or pitchshifting samples.

Hopefully not everything is VST dependent.

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