DAMN, What an Update

Awesome awesome work guys. Really stoked to play with the new update and enjoy all the new power! Out of any company I’ve dealt with, you guys consistently prove yourselves as both the most transparent company, as well as the most malleable, happy to listen to your customer base and deliver the features we ask for!

Alongside all of the other great updates, the provision of bouncing and extended polyphony has placated two MAJOR requests of Isla users. I couldn’t get a [big company name] rep to respond to a question on device updates if I went on a hunger strike, let alone amend major device functions. Really quite incredible service from Isla.

All that said… can we at least get an answer on the effects? some people are opposed, some people would absolutely love it, but the only opinion that really matters is the dev team. If it’s a flat no, that’s ok, but we’d love to know! If it is a yes, or even a maybe, we don’t need a deadline or a list of effects etc, just an inkling of what the future holds. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful on the heels of such a major update, but I think a big portion of us are VERY interested in effects (and I think it’s somewhat justified given the “effects” button :wink: )

Regardless of the answer, thank you so much for your efforts on all of the features and bug fixes so far, and keep up the stellar work!!


^ THIS! I’m hoping for an EFX expansion card with the basics (echo, reverb, delay, chorus etc.) I currently have a Korg KP3+ that does the job (I guess). If it’s a definite “NO” then I’ll prob just buy a Roland SP 404MKII to compliment the S2400. I’m ready to PRE-ORDER an EFX daughter card whenever it gets announced, tho…

Just read the manual and it alluded to effects being added in later firmware updates, so yeah…

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Yeah I don’t really think you’re gonna get more of an answer than this :point_up: until a preorder for an FX board is announced, and I wouldn’t really expect to see anything about that until the end of this year at the earliest. Who knows though.They’ve already done a ton of work this year. Maybe it’s closer than I think.

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Oh word, where’s that from? I haven’t heard anything about FX since like last year and the question was kinda skipped over today so I was worried they had decided against it

I have hopes that it’s closer than we think based on how the 16 voices situation turned out. People were talking about/requesting 16 voices repeatedly over the last few months, and Isla was quiet the entire time until dropping it on us yesterday. Multiple people during the livestream (the short time I was able to watch) asked about effects (and have been here for awhile) and they were quiet about it too.

Of course this very well could be me over analyzing the situation and looking for things I want, but it seems like the next “big update” whenever that is.

My opinion! I doubt FX can be implemented based on the fact that all these updates on workflow improvement and 16 voices are pretty taxing on the CPU (Mickey briefly mentioned this on the live stream). FX will need additional cycles and I think, to do it justice without impacting current built in features, will mean a separate FX card plug 'n play option. But not sure if this option will mean users will have to pick either an FX card or the analog filter card as I doubt there is room for both options.

A sliver of hope is that to tax the system, a lot of cpu cycle demanding things have to run in parallel. Assuming no one goes crazy and assign every tweakable parameter under the hood to 16 voices in song mode, (then) few less taxing FX (can?) still be added like Compression, since, we already have digital gain boost algos doing awesome saturation duties. Reverb and Delay are more cpu intensive IMO. But yeah, the preconceived purposeful “Effects” button does seem lonely and void.

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Please take a moment to let it sink in. This update is barely out the gate and as you mentioned this update is major.

With the amount of Fx available to all musicians currently available, why is there always the need for more? It may seem like a regular feat but just imagine if back in the day, in the space of a few months and after carefully listening to the community of musicians, Akai and Emu decide to double their polyphony for the Sp1200 and the AKAI MPC 60. Well, actually they did but it set you back another large wedge of cash in the form of the S950 and Emax. :dizzy_face: To this day all that Rossum could improve on was 8-10 seconds and an SD slot. As much as I would like to own another modern classic from the SP OG’s, what a disappointment in comparison to the s2400.

Effects are the Achilles’ heal of most equipment out there. It is sometimes a “stylistic” choice to use lower grade effects. Rarely do you get both high level effects and instrument together (I am thinking ASR10 here and even this machine could be disputed) I am sure the Isla team may or may not come up with a solution but I think the machine and the team has already outdone itself in a very short space of time.

I believe the s2400 deserves the best effects money can buy. Why? Because it is a real instrument. When you buy a Fender guitar, it doesn’t come with 10 pedals to choose from or an effects board to slot in the back and 20 amp stacks. There are a plethora of good, affordable new and secondhand effects out there. Dig in and get creative with the 8 outs on the back. You may find you won’t look back once you realise what else you can hook them up to.

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It’s on the product description on the website. I think they’ve been fairly clear that they wanted Fx from the beginning without really saying what that might look like or promising anything directly. They even suggested early on that they may make work with third parties to accomplish that in the end. Fingers crossed!

That’s true they are always hard at work so it could come sooner than I think. I suppose why I’m guessing it will take longer than the next update in another month or two is because an FX board isn’t writing new code and improving on something that’s already there. It’s sourcing and ordering parts, designing and testing a prototype, writing code to implement it with the existing machine, and eventually manufacturing and shipping to the customers. Hopefully it is sooner though!

Honestly I lowkey hope that we get like ten daughter card options with different badass features. “What do you run your 2400 on?” “Oh I’m using the ensoniq card!” etc etc. They could even make a card for granular synthesis within the machine, as that’s something samplers tend to excel at. I definitely don’t think that’ll happen anytime soon, but I think it would be a great business model. Drop a cool new card every year or so and you continue to make money off of an older piece of gear, as well as keeping old users stoked.

Of course if that does happen, it would be reeeal handy to have a reverb internal to the machine so you don’t have to sacrifice effects for other cards :wink:

Yeah, that would be unbelievable. The December update was incredible…this update is AMAZING! FX and an LFO would send me over the moon!

I hope a lot of us would pay good money for daughter cards with expansions; I sure as fuck would!

An idea until we eventually and hopefully get a FX card would be if there could be a send feature. So you could have outputs 5/6 going to an external reverb and output 7/8 to a delay for example. Then you have all your tracks going to outputs 1-4 and there could be send 1 & send 2 parameters in the track settings or something.

That would be cool!

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