Thank You Isla Team

Hello together,
Greetings from Bavaria Germany and merry christmas.
That’s my first post in this forum even that I follow this forum for quite sometime now. :slight_smile:
I own the S2400 now for almost 1.5 years. My S2400 is from the third batch if I’m not mistaken. Until now I used the S2400 together with my other stuff (909, 808, Juno 60, SH101, SH-2, Sunsyn) and I had a ton of fun. A couple of month ago I started feeling bored making music and I somehow lost my creativity. All the fun I had was gone. Now comes the interesting part. I decided to put my Synths into storage and just grab the S2400 together with a little keyboard (Keystep) to deeper investigate the S2400. I have to admit that I always liked the idea of a minimal setup but always thought you need a ton of stuff to produce proper music. Long story short last week I finally found some time to deep dive into the S2400 functionalities but at the beginning I was overwhelmed and a bit lost. I had to grab the manual for a couple of times until it made click but still way faster learning curve then the Elektron Octatrack. From there on it was a breece to work with the S2400 and to me the S2400 is now a very intuitive device. I created 3 good song ideas in such a short time I was really surpriced and excited and all of a sudden I found my creativity again and most important the fun to make music again :slight_smile:
You can do a complete production with just the S2400 and the ability to connect the S2400 to a computer with a proper DAW for signal processing. It’s really awesome and the sound of the S2400 is just ace and reminds me on my old EMU E4XT that I had a couple of years ago.
The first time in all these years of producing I can imagine to just have a minimal setup of the S2400 + Keyboard and a Computer and that’s it. We will see.
I would like to say thank you to Brad and his team for giving us such a great instrument. I really looking forward to the upcoming updates and new features. The DSP board (Effects and Dynamics) would be a great add on and LFO’s :slight_smile:

I whish you all a merry christmas and happy new year.

Peace my friends :v: