Thanks for a great box

I haven’t had my S2400 long but I’m trying my best to put it through it’s paces and learn it well. I am stumbling a bit, but once I get past those issues and learn the interface better I’m really enjoying the workflow.

First off it just sounds great, and I can’t wait for the filter and DSP cards to get released.

Another thing I’m loving is that the USB audio just works. I can plug in my phone to the USB Host port and record a video with audio direct from the sampler, or sample direct from my phone. I haven’t tried the multitrack audio over USB yet but I’m hoping that’s just as solid.

I also really appreciate how responsive @Mickey has been with responding to and diagnosing bug reports. I’m sure he gets inundated with requests and reports which can probably feel frustrating, so I just wanted to say thanks for the work you’re doing.

Keep up the awesome work, y’all


I’m with you here, this machine is amazing! I come from using an MPC 60 (and other models previously) so I’m also coming to grips with the workflow. Sure there’s some menu diving but it’s not so bad, and I’m getting quicker with it little by little.I can tell this machine was made with a passion and is definitely a keeper.

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I would like to express some love too. The S2400 is the best machine for creative music making I know. There are many devices which allow you to realize your musical ideas but only few of them let you figure out and develop these ideas in a simple and fun way.

The combination of the sample-based workflow and the looper, the possibility to convert loops to samples is the best part for me. Also, the sound! And the accessibility. I cannot think of any other machine which has this kind of immediacy. It boosts your impulses and thus inspires creativity. It also can be deep if you want it to.

Love it and want it to be even more accessible, logical and stable! :heart:


well, I’m just 2 weeks old in the machine. reading at your comments I know I’m far from using most of the features yet.
but I enjoy sampling tracks, load drums samples, play with the analog EQs while printing sounds into Ableton.
Still on the 80 % Ableton -20% S2400 ratio I have to say. Hopefully I’ve been able to generate happy accidents with both. :heart_eyes:


It’s an amazing piece of kit, really impressive from such a small company. I actually think it’s the best music making equipment I’ve owned. My MPCs have always been a nice but clunky to use, but the S2400 is the best way to form ideas AND stamp a vintage tone out of any sound. Almost makes me not care for my analog synths as even crappy vsts run through the S2400 end up sounding good. Other than nostalgia I don’t see any benefits of the SP1200. Get workflow is simpler but seriously workflow on SP2400 is excellent given the features they’ve squeezed out of it. In comparison, the Deluge i owned but sold as it had too many button presses and became too confusing to use the new features. I don’t think the S2400 suffers the same issues. So props!

Now hurry up and release the new synth, filter and DSP cards so I can give Isla more money!