S2400 is a masterpiece :)

Just a bit of praise! I actually swapped my OB6 module for one of these a few months back. not a like-for-like sell price wise, but i have to say this machine has blown me away. dont get me wrong the OB6 was a fine synth, but already had another polysynth and actually was not loving the sound as much as i hoped. Opportunity to do this swap was hard to resist as the S2400 is not easily found in Australia on the 2nd hand market.

A few months in and I feel the same - this is the best piece of kit i’ve owned. Whilst i enjoyed working with MPCs in the past (MPC1000 and MPC Live) the sound was never anything special and the workflows were not always intuitive. The sound of the S2400 is phenomenal - everything i sample through it sounds great. I am also pleased with the sound that is then recorded into my DAW - often i feel a bit magic is lost with some of my analog synths when it gets sampled into a DAW, but i feel that the S2400 translates pretty well and still have a booming sound when recorded. The workflow is a lot simpler and faster than I remember any MPCs were for me. its completely changing how i work with samples - particularly allowing me to focus on one sound at a time and really make use of the sampling engine and processing capabilities. Only recently been getting into the digital filters, which have a real nice whispy sound to them. I hope this isn’t the end of the road for S2400 given its pause on production. Either way it is my favourite piece of music equipment i’ve owned! Great work Isla.


G’day from down under also.
I haven’t touched my other gear for ages since receiving my S2400. I feel like when I was young with my first S900, sampling every cd record I could get my hands on.


100% feel the same way. Bringing me back to having my ASR-10 but so much better.

I have mine hooked up to a spare output on my audio interface so I can sample anything in or hooked up to my computer. It’s so awesome to just be watching Youtube/Netflix/etc or playing with a synth and be able to just hit record and start playing with slices.

It’s improved my workflow and quality of life 10 fold lol