Brad & Isla we love you!

New features!? Bounce and 16 voices!

I effing love you. You just made this machine the top contender from here on out.



Strongly agree


I concur! new update is immense!! making the S2400 my fav piece of gear. thank you team

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Much love to you guys. I found s2400 perfect even before the update, but this is just absolutely out of this world.

If you ever come to Croatia for sunny holiday please ping me, dinner is on me!

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Thanks for all the love and hard work you put into this machine. This update has been huge and your dedication and attentiveness to the user requests has been truly admirable. It’s really appreciated.

Well done Isla team! Keep up the amazing work!

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Just acquired my Isla 2nd hand. It’s sounds so good, I’m distracted by just how great anything sounds through it. I need to get into the song building workflow as my next challenge.

Just a thought, do we have a tips n tricks section in the forum? And could we have one. It seems to be mostly feature requests and bugs. But would love to learn the tricks from the experts!


There’s lots on Youtube and the Facebook page, but I agree- it would be awesome to have a tips n tricks category heavily moderated to only have concise, to the point videos of how to do particular tricks and techniques.

Tutorial videos are good, but they are more of a feature run through than specific techniques to get work done on the Isla. It’s def a machine that can be used in creative ways, so would be good to learn off others.