S2400 IN STOCK! - Congrats Isla Team!

Just wanted to give a quick and wholehearted congradulations to: @bradholland @Mickey @av500 the entire Isla team, beta testers (sorry if I missed anyone in the credits below) and everyone else involved in bringing this modern classic to life. I have to imagine this day has been a long time coming, and a VERY well deserved milestone…the S2400 went from “available on backorder” to “IN STOCK” today! (still gotta bump that price up so anyone wanting one go smash that buy button asap)

To complete a project of this magnitude as small company, of a product that was so highly anticipated and heavily scrutinized from day 1 when those first mock-up images made their way to the internet and (whispers) …GearSlutz (now known as Gear(safe)Space, most likely due to the S2400 thread that as of this reply is at 180 pages long!!!)… that sent the sampling drum machine community into a feeding frenzy. I hadn’t even heard of Isla Instruments, and at that point the talk on the interwebs was that Behringer might be behind the images. Boy I’m glad we were all wrong, and introduced to a spectacular company.

As if that was it you did it all during a pandemic the likes of which the planet hasn’t seen since, well before hardware samplers (and modern technology and logistics in general) existed ha. From parts shortages, to shipping delays, to catching critical early bugs, to maintaining sanity while waiting for your shipments, and us maintaining sanity waiting for our machines al while the team was constantly improving the S2400 FW behind the scenes for us all to feel like beta testers in our own right. All of this created a once in a lifetime production experience, and a once in a lifetime buyer’s experience. So on behalf of the Isla community, I thank and congradulate everyone involved with this incredible project…THANK YOU!!!

@roborr @rozz3r @Flux302 @iofflight @StupidAmericanPig @WozNYC @chazemphatic


well said!

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Congrats and thanks for all the hard work :slight_smile:

It’s a beautiful combination of artistry and engineering that only a dedicated and impressive team can deliver.

aww shucks, thanks you guys. xx


That’s a nice message and great news! Congrats to the whole team!

Congrats! Really enjoying my unit. Thanks for the commitment and continued communication with everyone.

Back to the Beats

What an awesome sentiment!

ps. @av500 should really be on that list too


He’s in the first line with Brad and Mickey, no way I’d forget Vlad!

Thats awesome

Fantastic! So happy for everyone involved! That being said though, small nitpick: shouldn’t the price displayed on the site show the new price for the S2400? I know when you check out it shows the increased price, but on the site it still says $1499. Just a small nitpick, but figured I’d mention nonetheless.

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Appears correctly for me. I made the original post last Monday, the day of the increase. The OP was before they updated the website.

That’s a screenshot while viewing the shop page on my phone. Just checked on my laptop and its the same. Like EmulatorKey said, once you add it to the cart then the price is updated to $1749.

That’s certainly bizarre. Those screenshots yesterday were from my laptop on Chrome browser, on the main page, not in my cart. Obviously I did have an S2400 in my cart many moons ago, but previous purchase shouldn’t affect it.

@bradholland are you aware that different platorms are potentially showing different prices for the S2400 currently?

But looks like you’re right, just took this on my iphone from safari. Still weird that it shows correct on my laptop Chrome browser though. Has anyone else seen the updated price straight off the site (not before adding to cart)?

yes…same on my iphone

Cache maybe? I have never been to that page on my iPhone and it displays the current price when I went there just now for the first time.

Ah good call, those webpage layers could be cached images

If you load it on your phone and then hit refresh it shows the updated price.