Still no S2400

This is directed toward Isla Instruments only… I paid for the S2400 in full. I’d like to have something to show for the money. Any update on a delivery date would be appreciated.

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The boat docks on the 6th so I would think units will start shipping by mid to late September…


we all paid in full, quite a few of us before anybody even knew what the machine would actually be :wink:

they dont control the water/customs etc - they can only give you info when they have it

they aint going anywhere with your money if that is your concern

i think i paid about a year before i saw my machine - think maybe i was in the 1st boat wan7er shipment way back

i am sure you will love it when it finally gets to you


Dude, the boat docks around the 6th Sept. They will then begin the shipping process. Some people waited for over a year to get their 2400. This is what happens when you pay upfront. It’s a waiting game. Everyone is in the same situation. You’ll be ok.


You need to be following all their socials to get updates. Would be great if they were pinned here too


The boat should be there, waiting for my unit as well :face_with_peeking_eye:

Also, just to make sure your expectations are addressed – Even after the ship docks, ISLA doesn’t immediately receive their shipment. I recall it being two to three weeks after docking before they actually had the units, and were ready to send them to customers.

I think mine took 7 months from order to delivery.


Thanks for the info

We all paid “in full”.
You think you’re special? Is that the reason why you call yourself Lex Luthor?. Mine took 9 months, genius.
If you’re tired of waiting just cancel the order and they’ll give you your money back “in full”.
OP-1s are in stock and ready to ship on Amazon.

Nobody’s special here but we humans and we want what we desire ,

Whats bad about it?

We hear the shipment should be in July and that make the wait a little more intense

I waited 10 months for mine. Was well worth the wait too. Just have to be patient.


I’ll chime in also with a “long wait” story; mine was 9 months, and on the boat that then could not get unloaded in port for weeks and weeks. First time in my life I ever went to a website live updating shipping traffic through the Panama canal! It was maddening because I’m in the Bay Area and watched the boat go from China past Cali and to the other side of the country!

Yes, it can be a bother, but just consider it an exciting new variation on instant gratification consumer culture - to actually have to wait a while for something. Patience is rewarded. You’ll forget it all once the device arrives- it’s fantastic.


I take it everyone (with an order) got the email from Brad with the latest update?


I guess so. I got one. The extra delay made me buy wooden sides lol. If it’s delayed again, a case will probably be in order haha


I was right there with you refreshing that vessel traffic app every 5 minutes hahahaha


I think I got mine within 2 weeks of placing the order. Internationally. :slight_smile:

You sound like the one with your chip on yor shoulder. I’m annoyed and it’s not your business dick. Stay out of mine thank you :blush:

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Another tantrum?

stay out of your dick?