Shipping time S2400

first post. Hope everyone is doing fine.

I ordered my S2400 in mid-July.
Does anyone know when it will ship?


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Hey there! Looks like you’re in the same boat as me!!!

I also placed my order on July 12th and I’m super excited, but man, the wait is real!!!

I reached out to the admins via email, but all I got back was a vague response like “Stay tuned for updates in our news section or on our social media!”

But hey, I can be patient. Getting my hands on the coolest sampler in my entire life won’t be a walk in the park, right?

I’m not sure if the ISLA team aims to rival the big players like ROLAND and YAMAHA, but I think they could use some more upgraded customer support to grow even further!!

Still, I get it! Most posts here seem to praise the machine’s performance, but there are many folks sharing their wish lists with each other like “Fix this!” or “Update that!” It’d be awesome if some of those ideas became actual updates, but I can imagine the admins are scratching their heads too…

Anyway!!! Let’s share the excitement of getting our hands on this incredible machine!!! Let’s wait together, my friend!!!

If I absolutely fall in love with it once it arrives and starts using it, I’m seriously considering getting another one to keep sealed as a collector’s item.

By the way, just so you know, I’m a K-POP producer who’s totally in love with samplers! I have three Ensoniq ASR10s and an ASR X PRO, as well as four Roland MV8800s (three of them are still sealed in the box), MPC2000, and a brand new Yamaha SU200!

If my S2400 surpasses all these beauties, I’ll be stashing them away in my treasure chest, and my workspace will be squeaky clean~~~

Let’s wait together, my friend~~~ PEACE~~~!

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I feel you dude. I ordered mine in June. However, I will probably be echoing the replies of others on here when I say you just have to be patient. The container is on its way from China (I think it was China) according to Isla’s social media and from what they said, they were looking to ship towards the end of August (they actually said 30 days from the shipment leaving China, so maybe check that on their socials. I think it was around July 20th). So it will be soonish. The best things come to those that wait!