How many machines so far - 2400 timeline

I just placed an order and am curious to know roughly how many machines are out there so far 500, 1000 etc), wondering where my machine will sit in the timeline of 2400 production. Am i an early adopter etc.

Also, does the flat rate shipping include tracking as standard?


I received number 626 about 3 weeks ago. I ordered on 7th March last year.

EDIT: yes it included tracking


The machines have been shipping progressively for a few months but hundreds of early adopters preordered almost 2 years ago while it was still in the early stage of development.
They are manufactured in batches of 500, shipped by boat from China to Florida for final assembly and control by a team of about 5 people, then shipped to customers worldwide by UPS with tracking.
The ones currently being shipped out are from the second batch of 500, people receiving theirs these days are in the 800 serial numbers.
The building schedule covering a given order period is announced per batch though, and the amount of orders has not been linear over time so one can’t really assume a long term delivery timeline based on just other people’s orders dating several months before. Official updates are where it’s at.
Yours should be from the fourth or fifth batch, that is expected to ship around august, give or take any event slowing down production. It has already been announced that a momentary shortage of certain chips will force them to stop taking orders they could not fulfill eventually, but current orders are secured.
If you aren’t already, follow Isla Instrument on social media, they’re extremely informative and transparent with every step of the process, so as to not get overwhelmed with these kinds of inquiries :wink:


Thank you so much for the information. I ordered my S2400 about 2 weeks ago. I’m happy the order went through successfully, I was given a digital receipt and all the Isla links sent to my emai.l :raised_hands: :smiling_face:. By any chance would you have any idea when I might receive it? If not, do you know how I can find out? Thanks in advance. :+1: :+1: I appreciate your help :pray:

The last post in this thread was 2 years ago, not sure if you meant to revive this? Anyway, Brad just posted an update on Instagram saying that they hope to be shipping units out in a month’s time :full_moon_with_face:

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