Silly question maybe, but how long does the S2400 take to arrive?

I want to pre-order mine, don’t want to miss out on it going out of stock, but also want to wait to pad my bank balance a bit.

If I ordered, does anyone know how long it might take to arrive in the UK?

hi buckbumble


right now nobody knows, in england myself too - the stuff is landing with brad this month and then goes out, how many at a time and how many are gone we don’t know so we cannot say how long the wait is :rofl: nobody can right now, not even brad it seems as he is in waiting limbo

see his last update video for upto date info

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I think I missed that video. Would you care sharing a link, please ?
Are you talking about this video update ?

He said half the preorder will ship in the 2nd to 3rd week of October. and the other 3 weeks later .
Hes getting half by Air delivery.
Not sure until which preorder date that take us but he said it wont be December .

I Pre -ordered in early March.
I think its fair to be expecting it in early November as I’m in Canada.

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well then you don’t have long to wait hehe

let’s hope you are close to receipt, hell on earth knows we need more owners and users out there

I’ m really just assuming based on his video.

I really dont have a single clue if im on the Air delivered batch or the boat batch but he told me on Gearslutz that id receive it in October.

Anyhow, I’ll understand if theres anything happening.
In my opinion he did miracles with the machne and most of it I wasnt even expecting… and I’m a super demanding customer.

Kudos to him and his team, really.

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I ordered in late May. Given there hasn’t been anything about the air shipment arriving yet and we are going into the 3rd week of Oct now I’m guessing late Nov - mid December sometime for mine.

Given that he paid for fast air delivery, I’d be so freakin furious not to be delivered by now.
Lets be clear, a flight from China to Miami is at max 26 hours.

But thats his business. he’s the one dealing with peer pressure.

I’ll receive mine when its ready. The rest is none of my business.

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I think he posted 2 days ago in an instragram feed that it hadn’t arrived yet. It has to clear customs I believe. Anyway it’s still just a guess I was thinking it should arrive this week sometime and then it’s just a matter of how many units are on the list and how many can be shipped each week.


Ah, thanks for pointing it out. I miss that update.

It was an imbedded comment below someone else’s comment so it was easy to miss.


Thanks I just saw that I think the comment in that thread about late Nov early Dec seems to be about right. I sure hope the shipment via shipping vessel isn’t too far behind that. I’m not sure I’ll make the first batch of 500 to be honest.

Has anyone ever explained the order numbering system? My order is in the 18k range. I’ve seen threads of people who ordered months earlier than me whose order numbers are in the 17k range. This tells us that there’s a possibility the order numbers are in some sort of numerical order. I wonder if these numbers represent the total number of orders or if some of the digits in order numbers are placed there by the software they’re using to collect order data? I’m not even in a hurry but my overly curious mind thinks of such things.


Excellent point.

i doubt with my entire body full of blood that anywhere near 18k units have been sold so i would pay little attention to #'s personally

how it works ? brad can tell ya hehee


Rather not bother him with it. It’s just my own curiosity. I’m sure the dude is tired of trying to answer the question for 1 of who knows how many orders. The good thing is it’s on the way.

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Good for Brad if he has. Possibly quite bad for each of us individually. Hehe

Mine is in the mid 17000s from late May and then I bought a second unit the day before the price went up and it’s in the mid 19000s. So it’s not really clear how many units there are in there because I doubt sincerely that 3,000 units have been preordered. It would be astonishing really if it was that many. Or I think if there had been Brad would have ordered that many units to be shipped.

also @martel80 I’d edit your number so it isn’t exact. Brad didn’t want us posting our order numbers publicly. I already made that mistake myself.

Ok, I didnt know about the order number part. Thanks for letting me know.

So there was approx. 2500 orders between March and October.

I wish all were 1000$ SP2400…
That might not make him a milionaire but that would still be 2,500,000$ of income in 6 months :slight_smile:

I love dreaming that people are winning big time. haha :slight_smile:

I had to delete the comment…It would still show in the edited versions.

So my order was March 6th and the order number was 168xx

You need to remember s2400 and Kordbots are being sold using the same order system.

Also Brad has a staff he is paying (or at least a few contractors) for physical/coding work, along with paying for all hardware and manufacturing, plus the shipping costs. There is zero chance he has 2.5 million in income. Any money that came in is already invested into the project (self kickstaring). Now that he is selling them at full price he will be seeing an income.

Ordered in June 2019 and have a sub 10k order number, so happy to be first in line for this labor of love (and a black Kordbot owner).