Boat people! Get ready!

Not long to wait now seeing as the drop was made yesterday. Very, very exciting news.

Am half tempted to buy some of those wooden sides for mine.

What’s everyone going to make from there’s? House, hip hop, jungle…?


:rofl: :rofl: forever to be known as stowaways us lot are hsahahaaaa

me, techno, house and some NOIZE

Boom Bap Hip Hop, maybe some R&B and house! I placed my order on 10/1/2020 hopefully my 2400 is part of the batch that arrived on the boat?

Is that the 10th Jan or 1st October? If the later, that’s the same day as me!

Ditto. Bit of boom bap and definitely some house. First thing I’m doing is something I’ve never been able to do on hardware, sample at 45rpm and pitch that mutha down. Pretty unambitious for starters but that’s going to be my first port of call.

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October 1, 2020! This is not a complaint, I know people have waited for more than a year.

Haha. Snap! Yeah, in many ways I feel kinda relieved my wait time doesn’t look like it’s going to be a year or more.

Kudos to those with better patience than I though.

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Any boat cats gotten notified yet? I ordered the machine in march 2020 with the case. im in the US.

Not I and I ordered mine on 1st October 2020.

I would have thought you would have jumped the queue a bit with ordering a case but I am not sure if that is still happening. I reckon you will get your tracking number at the end of this week.


The boxes were only out for around a little over a week at the tail end of the first batch. Then they picked right back up where they had left off when new boxes came in around mid Jan. This really had no effect on those from the second batch.

More than a few people from Jan 2020 have been notified of their shipments I doubt if any have arrived as the shipment went out Yesterday 3/21/21. I have a unit ordered on Oct 4th 2020. I expect a few hundred to go out before mine arrives.


You have a unit for beta testing and you ordered another one? You can resell the testing unit for 10 000$ on Ebay lol Collector’s item :money_mouth_face:

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Man I would never do that. Seriously it’s just poor form in my mind. I agree that being able to jump the line is probably worth some money but 4500? No. Now if a really wealthy person said, “I have to have this now and I’ll give you $10,000”. I’d be hard pressed to turn down that friend in need YNWIM?