Orders for S2400 made in Sept 2020

Hello. I ordered my unit last september and ordered the case in october. I saw a video with brad saying everything was in and for the people that ordered in Sept we should have our units as part of 500 that went out. We’re now going into September and I haven’t seen/heard anything. Is there a delay or newer update on shipping that I’m missing? I was told that if you ordered the case that the unit would come shipped in the case.

Yeah there have been a few updates about this. The cases were not split between shipments unfortunately. The cases are all on the shipment about to clear customs. So anyone who ordered last Aug/Sept with a case are in the queue to be the first out when this shipment arrives, hopefully it will clear this week.

I ordered at the same time you did so also eagerly waiting. There is plenty of chat about the current status of the orders here https://gearspace.com/board/electronic-music-instruments-and-electronic-music-production/1252738-isla-instruments-s2400-151.html I hope it is helpful


July orders 2020 first ahem :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t entirely sure if those with cases at the tail end of July got covered or not. Sounds like they didn’t. What date did you order?

Theres quite a few of us who just missed out as we ordered the end of July 2020(29th in my case)… lol no pun intended.

Yeah that sounds about right, just there at the very end of July was included in that absence of a case issue.

machine in september and case in october

Right your unit is waiting for its case. They come together.

Don’t I feel the fool for ordering my S2400 with a case in August… 2021! But the docked boat should take care of me!

Don’t feel like a fool, I feel for those people who got in on the early bird special and then cancelled their orders for various reasons only to turn around and buy it at a $450 increase down the line.

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It seems to me, even at the increased price, that it’s a great price, with all the reports of high quality sound, fast workflow, and heavy duty build (and being able to support a small builder).

Right now I’m wondering if it’ll replace my Toraiz SP16 or work alongside it nicely - different machines for different purposes, ya know? But that’s not something to until it reveals itself while working with them, and I imagine that the SP16’s effects (which make it a bit of a sound design monster - I just wish they’d add envelopes) will keep it around.

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It has replaced my mpc60 that I’ve had (as my main-centerpiece/workstation) ever since I started making music, haha.

Still think the mpc60 has a alot of merits over the s2400 though (esp its’ solid midi sequencer, easy editing and spacious screens/pages). But, it was really the s2400’s SD/MSC ease and quick-workflow that won me over.


I absolutely think it is worth it at the price it currently is at. Particularly considering the level of support and the build quality put into this. The new MPC Live II retro version is close in price to this and there is no way it can compete on the quality of the build. These feel like good old school Akais. Sturdy and rugged AF. That said SAP has the SP16 and talked me into one as well. They pair really nicely. In some ways far better than the S2400 and MPC Live does.


I thought my ears were burning :slight_smile: I think there is definitely a place for both the SP-16 and the S2400. I will add though that as the S2400 gains capabilities I find myself using the 16 less and less. Don’t think I will ever part with it though…


Can you elaborate on that a little bit more? Where do you think the S2400 has gained on the SP16, and what do you think will ultimately be the balance?

Obviously, mileage will vary for each individual musician… But it’s something to think about while waiting for my S2400 and all my gear is packed for transit (moving, oof!)!

I think for me its a combination of

I like the sound of the 2400 slightly better, I could sorta get a SP-1200 sound with the lofi plugin on the SP-16, but its just baked in to the 2400 and sounds 99.999% as good as the OG to me.
The USB audio/sampling
The slicing(although I do really like the SP-16 tied slicing, but its limiting sometimes)
I both like and dislike the SP-16s touch screen for a lot of functions.
Im just faster at making tracks with the S2400.


What would you say the SP16 does better than the S2400?

Pitch shifting and time stretching for starters, plus built in fx, and parameter locking.


I think that is a good list- to which I will add Sync’ed LFOs