Delivery UPDATE?

Just checking in to see if anything has changed on the final shipments that were mentioned a couple of months ago. I’ve noticed some things opening up in different states and countries. I ordered mine
September 20, 2020 so I’m trying to figure out which shipment it would be apart of. The video was quite confusing but I thought I understood it. Now that time has gone by, I’d like to know if there is more of a timeframe of when to look out for these orders. Especially since I’m about to order the Wood sides. I’d go nuts if I received the wood sides while waiting around for the actual unit. Lol

No new information has been reported since the May 26th video. We only know 2 shipments are at sea and the first should be here shortly, the second went out on May 25th and the third is leaving from China probably in a week or so.

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I have no update as yet, I won’t do until the ship docks at port.
As soon as that happens, I’ll let everyone know.
then a week later they should be with me and we’re all systems go…
By the time I’ve got the first 500 out, the next 500 should then be here with me anyway so should run smoothly.
Until it docks… I can only guess.


Thank you. I definitely appreciate that response. I was gonna order the wood sides but receiving those before the actual machine will make my anxiety rise.

Just get em. You’ll be happy you have them, if they arrive before your device so you can plunk them right on.


You can add 1/2 weeks due to the jam outside the US Ports. The container ships are anchored despite reaching their destination on time.

Yeah I might just do that