Are the next batch on the boat?

If memory serves me correctly I was under the impression the next batch would either be in Florida or leaving from the 1st June.

Does anyone have an update on their status?

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million pound question

the answer:

only one person knows :sob:

i hope my order is filled soon, it’s nearly a year now

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To be honest I reconciled myself to getting mine around August/September when I saw the last update, anything earlier than that will be a bonus - ordered in early October so it should be in the next shipment.


Shipping from China to US has lots of delays right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were still delays at the dock, with many other shipments. I just read that ships coming in to LA are waiting in queue for about a week to even dock.

I can confirm there are at least 1 week delays at Long Beach for container ships like Coscos and others from China. Im still waiting on my wood sides from February if its any consolation. :slight_smile:

Brad has just done a video update about this. Seems to be like the previous estimate. :slight_smile:

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I can’t find a recent video anywhere. Got a link?

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Thanks. Please post updates to Youtube and/or this site. Many of us don’t, and won’t, Facebook.


Thanks again. FYI, Instagram is owned by Facebook …


FYI, I don’t post updates anywhere, the boss does.

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Oooh, midi sequencer is soon. Nice!

Now thinking if I should slang the old mpc60 and/or s950 to get a 2nd S2400, lol.

Isla posts the videos? :grin: