Delivery not until April 2021?

When I purchased my unit, I knew it would take some time, however, nothing on the site, social media, etc… said the wait would be 6 mths or more!

Super dissapointing to hear that news when I emailed to ask where I was on the wait list.
I paid for my unti in oct, 2020. The Covid alert on the front page of the website only says they are in mass production with delays in shipping due to Covid. So I thought, ok , allow for an extra month for delivery. I had no idea how far behind they are from shipping the units out. Usually a company wont take your money for somthing thats not even put together, or in the country at all!! And in need of bug fixes, updates to hardware etc…seems like they jumped the gun a bit in regards to allowing orders and shipping units out?

I can accept that, but wait times are so subjective in regards too what is a long time to wait. In my opinion, 3 months is a long time to wait for something that cost over $1300.
Seeing updates about 500 units being shipped in Oct, I figured by Xmas or New Years, I would see mine.
But April ? Thats 4 months away, and 7 months from my purchase date.
Just venting a bit cuz its frustrating.
The only bright side to this I can see so far, is that most of the bugs will be known by the time I get mine, and I will be super eager to use it. lol

Just needed to vent my frustration a bit, as I eagerly await my order!!

Merry Xmas everybody.


like you ,have a lot of persons …im one of them, i just have to suck it up and wait . one thing i know for sure … the wait is worth it. the isla team is been realy honest about all , you dont see it happen in other companys anymore in 2020 … mine is also in april just have to wait !!! grts

I get the frustration but, to be fair, this is not a usual company, so the reasoning doesn’t apply that way here.
It’s a one person endeavor, obviously without the financial backup to absorb development and production costs as would an installed brand with a line up of available existing products providing funds in advance, let alone an already established production line.
Here he could not just bet on success and absolutely had to get the money upfront in order to pay for every step and contractors accordingly, otherwise the S2400 simply wouldn’t exist. Basically a kickstarter thing except not using a crowdfunding platform, so even more pressure for the creator to deliver. You just happened to get on it towards the end of the process.
In “exchange”, for those who have paid more than a year ago and followed his progress, never have we witnessed such transparency and sustained communication every single step of the way, several times a week sometimes, from any brand ever, boutique or not. Usually you would be lucky to get a bland newsletter every couple months or so.
So no one would feel entitled to anything really at this point, we can just attest that it’s all been as fast as could be. Unforeseen circumstances may have occurred but not so much imputable to Isla that we could complain at all, all the more so as the end product is higher quality built and more fully featured than initially announced.
Actually IMHO, the mild perverse effect of such honesty and transparency is that there is a lot of available content, making it look like the project is closer to completion/delivery than it is at times, and you may even miss out on some of the updates. More importantly, every hiccup being documented can eventually be a source of concern for whoever catches a glimpse without having followed the whole thing in order. I’m pretty sure however that most products go through all this, only without the public knowing. Including a couple months delays, random hardware issues on earliest units, bug correcting and firmware updates at launch.
Hell, a number of people in the past few months didn’t even seem to get what beta testers do, and that the numerous advance demos we saw were merely a bonus (incidentally doubling as good marketing) from people actually helping on the project’s final stages. Instead some got somewhat jealous of those “priviledged producers” that got theirs first for some unfair reason :man_facepalming:


I’m just curious was there an update somewhere that I missed that said that the units ordered in October are now pushed back to April?

There wasnt one. To make such a prediction anyway is ridiculous.

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Okay that is what I thought.

It’s what was told him in reply to an inquiry it seems, so fair enough, they might have given a conservative estimation.

In october however, public updates only mentioned the shipments from China factory to Florida HQ being imminent, not actually shipping the finished machines to customers, let alone later orders, so it was far fetched based on just that to assume anything at that point

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That seems odd that Brad wouldn’t give an update about it and just tell one person when every other time frame given was in a post or response to someone made publicly on facebook or instagram.

Perhaps he will eventually. People being understandably anxious with their money, he mentioned more often than not being flooded with private messages regardless of whether or not he has provided any info publicly on the subject at any given time, and apparently takes the time to address individual concerns in parallel to posting, which is nice.

I assume a large amount of orders were made in September 2020 as thats when the high profile beta testers and social media was ramped up.

I wouldn’t be surprised if orders ramped up in Aug-Oct as the window for preorders was rapidly closing. I ordered a second unit and have been interested in the arrival by shipping freight from China since my second unit is in that batch. I’ve been paying attention to further updates anyway, even though I’ve received my first unit, since I’m the main mod on the r/s2400 reddit and a few people post over there who don’t do social media or this forum.


Yep, I ordered in October too… sigh, gotta be patient! :neutral_face:

before i order mine i ask around when should i get it … mach /april is what they told me.!!!

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“Privileged producers” being some of the most legendary artists of all time lmao, Questlove, E-A-Ski, Just Blaze, Battlecat, Easy Mo Bee, the list goes on. If anyone “deserved” the early units it’s them.


this is one machine worth waiting for. i waited waaaay longer man, it is what it is, this isnt like buying some piece of junk from guitar center. trust me, you will understand when you get the unit.


The April date seems like it was an estimate given at an earlier point in time.
Brad said the first 500 units would be enough to fullfill the order until January 2020 although it was never made clear if the second 500 units (the ones that were coming by boat) will fullfill actual pre orders or at least at what point in time isla will be able to respond with the first 1000 units.
As many in here i have been following every single news i can about delivery and i never seen any confirmation of the boat units arrival.
I pre ordered in setember and from what i read up to this point i was expecting a delivery in January but now that i found this topic e don’t know anymore…
I hope i don’t have to wait until april it would be disappointing if so but hey lets all hope for good news!


On the contrary the initial poster seems to have just had that information privately from the horse’s mouth.
It fits with some replies to some random FB/Instagram comments asking for a shipping ballpark for new orders around November December. There Brad was gradually pushing back to February and March. So considering the first batch is taking a bit longer and should the Boat shipment suffer any delay at some point, then they can’t start working on any of the post Jan 2020 order as soon as expected, so April seems to make sense.

Look at Paprium or groupbuys of typing mechanical keyboards will make understand better of these matters, best to just put to side and not think of it, and when comes will be a great day! This is hardware of high level, well worth it, some things have massive lists that take literally years to get to, I have a few things I’d like to have that are just pretty impossible, they open window up, they sell through, then that’s it, so this is essentially an open buy, you are guaranteed to have one when it comes available, so to look at it like that, is awesome thing. This is way of boutique, and at least don’t have to fret radio silence or drama for YEARS while your money’s tied up, it’s only a matter of months and will have one! woowee I can’t wait! much love all the best to everyone! great to have something to look fwd to!


I just wanted to say thx to everyone for the positive feedback, and to say its all good! Just venting that out last week and receiving feedback was all I needed to feel better about the wait.
Have a great New Years Eve, and stay safe everyone!


Suck it up and be patient I ordered mine in June 2019 and had to wait 18 month.