Chicken Systems Translator support


Question: any reason why ISLA Instruments would NOT want me to send Chicken Systems some kits and program files?

They asked me to, and I wanted to check before sending them info.

My opinion is, it would be extremely beneficial for Translator 7 to support ISLA S2400 format. The Rubber Chickens are down to get to work.

Can I send it?



BTW @bradholland said you might even be able to support by sending over the specs.

It’s alright by me!!


@Ddimartini3 Why did they ask you to send them and not ask Isla?
Next time you communicate with them, tell them to contact me ( and I will work with them.


stoked as their software is great for porting between different types of sample libraries. Also a small family business as well.


Because I use translator and asked if they were going to support the 2400.

They responded asking for files. They generally don’t need to work with manufacturers to do what they do… and many manufacturers are dicks about collaboration (not you guys).

Hence, they asked me for what they would need. Yes, I said hence.

That said, if you have something like a data file you would like to share, I’m happy to send the rubber chicken your way.

I’ll send over the kit and program files they asked for, and pass along the message.

They have now contacted me directly. Thanks.


Excellent news!


Translator support will be a great feature.


Great. I was also going to ask them if they would support the S2400.

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Looking forward to this as well :+1:t4:

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Is there any update on this? I’ve got a billion kits to import! :slight_smile:

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We are working with them.


wow really???
Chicken Systems scamed me. I lost the money for the software which I bought for my ASR10 which was not compatible with my IMAC, althoug I asked the support if it will work before purchased the software…and after I reported it to paypal, they delete my Licence…

Sorry but I can´t recommend ChickenSystems

Thanks Mickey!

BTW, completely off topic, but I picked up a used LDB module a few weeks back. Super under-rated and incredibly useful module. Props for your work outside the ISLA ecosystem. :+1:t2:


ditto: I reached out to them earlier and told them about the project. Us etheir software as well.

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Any updates on Translator S2400 format compatibility? Just curious